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On The Bright Side

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During the Depression there was a popular song called "Keep Your Sunny Side Up" by Johnny Hamp and others.

 In that spirit, are any of you planning to do any major projects while you're at home?  I would love to declutter and go into deep clean mode however I still have the rental to work on plus I am working at home as well.

My asparagus bed needs cleaning out for sure.    I have already dormant oiled my fruit trees and cut back my raspberry bushes.

Putting away the Winter linens and decor and breaking out the Spring stuff.  Still it went to 19F this a.m.!


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Asparagus beds... Do share your set up. What kind of soil do you use - heavy amended with sand? 

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I put in the beds about 8 years ago and have since expanded to another area.  I did amend with sand and this is imported soil because I live in an area with clay soil that does not perk.

Quasi raised bed.  My biggest fight is against the weeds which asparagus does not like.  We live in a naturally alkaline environment here and asparagus is not a big fan of acidic soil so I lucked out with that.  The asparagus bed itself is approximately 20 ft by 5ft

I have also put in a gooseberry bush a plum tree two pear trees and a cherry tree.  I ordered these trees from an online company and found out they had grafted the hell out of them so two of my trees are basically ornamental.

I put in a lilac last year so I am anxious to see what that is going to look like.  I have four blueberry bushes, a very large climbing rose about 8 knockout roses, a lenten rose, two currant bushes, two burning bushes, six azaleas, a pussy willow from craisgslist as well as two holleys from the same.

I also have put in a magnolia, peonies, bee balm, various bulbs and a strawberry patch.  A few rose of sharons and self seeding morning glories.

The bluebirds are back and my crocuses are coming out.  On April 1st I will be putting out my Baltimore oriole feeder and May 1st I will be putting out my hummingbird feeders.

I have several indoor plants aching to go outside as well but they are tropicals.

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I have horrific clay also. 

I moved from the north to the south. The soil is 100% different. I pretty much have to relearn gardening. 

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I am still in the North and not only do we have cold temperatures and a short growing season but where I live we have the clay soil that won't perk and it is completely alkaline

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I used to live in the Midwest, you could about throw a seed on the ground and it would grow. Wonderful rich black soil. Here? Hard packed red clay. Raised beds or heavily amended soil is required for gardening. 

A lot of fruit trees require the chill hours of the north - so the cold is actually beneficial in some cases. Growing season for a lot of things is short here due to the HEAT! 

Might I recommend the book Four Season Harvest by Elliot Coleman? You can easily extend your growing season! 

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done cold frames in the past.  clay soil is actually good for moisture retention however you'd need to amend with peat moss and/or sand

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My first year in the south I had a small planting area.. Murdered everything... Now I'm just growing strawberries and aloe inside until I find the time to learn the South soil...

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Well, already finished re-doing the window casing and sill in the kitchen so it matches the others upstairs.

And replaced an old doorknob.

If this goes on and I can get paint, I might work on doing a rustic chalk paint on the ruined old floor downstairs. But if we go on shelter in place that won't be possible.

So. That leaves yard work. We have the back patio scheduled to be torn out next month and re-done. And some tree work. So DH and I can tackle a huge back yard clean up. IF he does it with me. He's notorious for saying he wants to do yardwork but then NEVER does it on his own. Which is why I give him a deadline...if x isn't done by y date then I hire the yard guys.

But if we are stuck here there's a better chance he'll do it.

I am busy working online during weekdays so there's that.

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need sanding and (gasp) painting.  two toned spindles and rise will be white...handrail and steps, dark grey

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I'm a huge gardener too and am doing several projects I don't need much extra for: moving a rose Bush that's not getting enough sun, continuing to pull ivy and weeds (we bought the house 4 years ago and it had been neglected for a while son tons and tons of ivy) and making my own victory garden.  Currently lettuce, Brussel sprouts, peas and broccoli, with a bunch of tomato, eggplant and squash starting under lights. 

Gardening is just so calming.  It helps me forget.


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i pulled a boatload of that down at the rental

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I haven't been cooking for about 18 months due to being at work 24/7. I've been having fun creating exciting meals for lunch and dinner.  Feeling quite geeky about it. 

celeriac and fennel soup with a parsley oil garnish

tomato crostini with green olive tapenade 

pork with apples and onions in a herb and mustard sauce

Risotto with shrimp and green peas

Need to plan tomorrow's menu. If I have to self isolate for too long i may create a quarantine cooking guide.  Not. Lolz

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A friend just posted a shelter-at-home meme that at the end of this we will either be expert chefs, or have a drinking problem!

LOL, you sounds quite the chef!

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Here in California, we live in the most productive agricultural area..and have clay soil that gets baked hard in the sun.

I just planted a banana leaf rescue, a rosemary bush, a trumpt vine. DH and I pulled a boatload of weeds. We cleaned and cleared outside because the rain has softened the ground Sufficiently. Otherwise forget about digging any holes or pulling any weeds!

We put together a raised be planting box. I planted it with 2 varieties of tomatoes, basicl, oregano, parsley and some violets for color. I have some thai basil, sage, cilantro and more tomatoes to plant, however. 

THIS week, I am still working, and will attack the launndry and de-clutter projects. Also - I found some pool noodles at the local dollar store, and will use them to stand up my boots. Biggrin

Im going to try some pickling and get to organizing the refrigerator andfreezer. DH keeps buying more food!