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Biohazard Alert! For Any of You Who Live In Upstate NY!!

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Public Service Announcement:

Do NOT visit any ice cream stands that begin with the letter "P" between Rochester NY and Syracuse NY or you may ingest e-coli by way of Dominatrix being employed there for the summer.

Ah yes. The infamous skids who never washed their hands, hair, bathed, brushed their teeth, wiped nor flushed.



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I know what you mean. SS23 has had so many jobs that I lost count at 10 or 11. There are favourite eateries of mine that I will no longer do business with because they hired SS. How on earth can places that serve food fire such filthy people?

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The other day, when Chef was talking through his hat again (aka bourboned up) he was saying that nothing drama-esque happens in his home (and the BM's home) county. Yeah right. Just that you are here on this earth, Chef is proof positive that drama reigns supreme in your county. Hell one of your half brothers married one of your half sisters!! Why the second I drive into the BM's hometown I want to take a friggin' SHOWER because they obviously don't believe in ZONING. Falling down, red neck shanties on the MAIN ROUTE that runs through town as far as the eye can see. I swear to god I hear banjos warming up.

The convo started because he is currently working in MY old county that I raised my bios up for 12 years and he ALWAYS likes to take a pot shot at that county and the one just to the south of his and the BM's home county AND it's residents.

(rolls eyes)

I didn't even challenge his assertion because I don't argue with toddlers.