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Chef loses his wallet... AGAIN!  I can't tell you how many times Chef loses his wallet in a year.  It got so bad that I put a tile in his old wallet.  His new wallet is very slim so harder to put a tile in there.   Of course he keeps stuff in there that I have told him NOT to keep  aka his social security card.   He has his driver's license and three credit cards in there for his business account.

I swear I will have to staple his wallet to his ASS from here on out.  He is often like a big kid who loses his mittens constantly!!


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My DH does this too, with his wallet and his keys. I've told him that he has to get into the habit of putting his wallet and keys in the same place every time he comes in the house or leaves the house. 

The only upside for us is that to date, he has only lost these items in our house and not out and about...

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It was in his grocery bag from the store.  The last two times he lost it in his work truck.  I just ordered that replacement tile.

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But it would be a cold day in hell before Chef wears one.  And no,  he wouldn't think of it as a tool belt.