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And This Is What You Get When You Spoil Your Child

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Two parents who were too "tired" to parent. Let the kid do whatever she wanted and instead dragged her to psychiatrists (plural) office to do symptom shopping, ODD, CPD, BPD, and my personal fav: "selective mutism" something that used to be called "rudeness."


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I saw this one and DVR'd it. These parents were a joke and Dr. Phil called them out. I love it! I hope my DH watches it, because that girl is SD16 to a T (other than SD16 isn't overweight... yet) at the moment, SD16 room isn't quite as bad as that girl's, since DH has started riding her about it, but if DH didn't? It would look exactly like that. But everyone makes excuses for poor, poor SD, oh boo hoo her mother sucks, oh boo hoo her grandmother sucks, it's all THEIR fault, oh boo hoo, Daizy is a jerk, boo hoo, nothing is poor poor, poor SD fault. Whatever.

then she gets offended because BS4 and I refer to her as "Miss Nasty" well, if the proverbial shoe fits, then you know what to do with it!

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Wasn't really sure how "intact" the family was. Looked more like mommy's baby and daddy's maybe.

I know that Dr. Phil doesn't bring up the fact that "dad" is really a STEPdad unless he is actively opposing the BM by wanting to discipline the skids.

If he goes along with the BM and gets the "BM Seal of Approval" (TM) as is the usual case with stepdads, then Dr. Phil won't bring up the subject that "dad" is really STEPdad.