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Life Update

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It's been almost 2 weeks since I blogged so I figured it was time for an update. SD11 has been with us for three weeks straight at this point. This past weekend we took her to her grandparents' home so she could spend Easter with her mother and sisters. Surprisingly BM actually showed up and even took them to a movie! Of course, even though BM couldn't be bothered to be a mother and even feed and clothe her children, taking them to a movie for the first time in over a year was enough to make her MOTY in their eyes. It will always be this way, but whatever. Even better, the custody papers have been filed but not yet processed so she is still getting $1700 a month for now having zero children in her care.

BM called DH on Saturday and they had this conversation:
BM: I want the kids back after the summer.
DH: Look, first show me you can be stable and provide a healthy environment for them and then we will talk.
BM: If I don't get them back I will kill myself!

Way to show stability BM!

She then called him on Sunday and said she wanted SD11 to also move in with her parents instead of with us. Does this woman not realize that SD11 JUST changed schools and homes 3 weeks ago because of her? And she wants her to change schools again?? DH said no way. She is in the middle of her standardized testing at school and does not need any more change. DH thinks she is starting to realize that she stupidly signed custody (and CS) over to DH without even reading it and that she has zero case to get them back if SD11 is living with us.

So in summary, SD11 is adjusting well, BM is still a lunatic and I am still hugely pregnant. The end.


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Sounds exactly like our bm. Dont give her an inch. document everything. you will be fine.