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Hotel for Step-Mommy

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Ok... lol. Last night was ridiculous.... I can laugh about it now. But believe you me - I was pissed. I worked over-time last week, ever single day because I was hosting a week long event at my job. I then had a very busy weekend with the family. This week has been very hard because of my inability to catch up on sleep and just dealing with various stressful situations at home.

So I called hubby yesterday after work and told him that that I was very very tired. And asked if he think that is possible for me to come home and just rest. No stress or drama from him or youngest SD. He said ... Yes, of course. Come home and rest. So I actually had a very rest evening until our daughters went to bed. And then my husband decides at 10pm that he wants to clean out the fridge and freezer!!!! Not only that, but he is also asking in a demanding way that I help him. :jawdrop:

When I said no, I need to go to bed, he started to argue with me. Seriously?

I specifically asked if I could come and relax because I was exhausted. I can't even get one evening of peaceful, quiet, and stress-free rest.

So for the first time, since I have meet/dated/married my husband, I am getting a hotel room for myself for the whole weekend. Maybe now I can actually feel at peace and get some rest.

Before leaving this morning with my bag for the weekend already packed, I asked hubby if he would consider going back to couples therapy, and thankfully he said yes.