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I AM Moving OUT!!!!

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So I have come to a point where I realize that I can not live in my home with husband and step-daughters and still be happy and healthy. Things have been getting steadily bad, but this last year has been hell for me. And I just can't do it any more.

I had a heart-to-heart discussion with my husband, and am so grateful to him for being so understanding and supportive. He already new that we were having a really hard time, so I think he was not surprise when I said I need to move out. We have not told my step-daughters yet. They are going away to visit family on July 11th and won't be back until early August. I don't want them to be upset and angry, and ruin their whole trip. I think its best that I move my belongings out while their gone. And when they come back from their trip, we can talk about it together. Even though I won't be living in the home with them, that doesn't mean I will stop being their step-mom. That is for ever.

My husband and I agree that we can still be friends through this all. We will still be a part of each other lives. And I still want to be a part of my step-daughters lives.

This will be very good for me. I plan to move into my own place. And I plan to start the process of having a child on my own through sperm donation. I have always wanted to give birth to a child and this transition will actually help me to get to healthy place where that can happen.

I can finally live in a peaceful environment with no arguing, yelling, screaming, fighting, degrading or controlling behavior. This will be good for me.


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Wow! Your doing something that takes alot of courage and my hats off to you. Good for you to follow your heart, I know in the end of it all you will be very happy. i wish you all the love and support( even though you dont know me from a hole in the ground) just know someone out there is thinking about you, wishing you the best and your in my prayers that everything goes great for you. My blessings to you!!

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I wish you all the best in peace and harmony & hope that you will give yourself much time and contemplation before deciding to have a child. Take good care of yourself.