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Evil Evil Evil step daughter

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I am so annoyed and frustrated with my youngest stepdaughter. I've posted a few times that when ever she is in one of her brat/bitch modes she finds any way to ruin everyone's day. I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, and I could already tell by her behavior that she was in one of her moods. As I was trying to leave, I asked if she could step aside so I could use the mirror, because I had to go to work.

She of course (at 9 years old) turned to look at me and said "I'm busy too and I need to get ready to leave too" in her sassy smart ass tone that she saves just for me. I moved her aside and close the door, and she immediately started screaming and fake crying say that she banged her ankle and that I pushed her. And I mean the fake crying that wakes up the dead. Ofcourse her older sister comes and says "why does she always do that to you?"

WTF!!!!! First of all, my youngest fakes being hurt when her big sister touches her in any freaking way. My youngest fake cries all the fu*king time. When ever she is in one her of moods, she always acts like when I touch her any any way, that I have broken her arm, hand, foot... you name it. And once she gets the attention from her older sister, she smiles and stops crying. Because she did what she wanted to do. She made me out to be a horrible person and she ruined my day.

What a piece of work. I do not know why I stay in that house paying for and supporting that crazy little s.o.b. I told my husband I would be coming home late today because I needed to not be there today. And he gave me a hug because he knew his youngest was wrong. I just wish he would put his foot done more so she wouldn't think its ok to do this kind of stuff.


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I've been on the wrong end of something very similar with a 9 year old and it's horrible so I empathise totally..The worst thing is feeling so powerless because she's not yours and you get concerned about how to deal with it without making her antagonism worse..
On the plus side you sound like you have a really supportive and understanding partner who can see whats happening and I agree with lmbe..tell him how you are feeling and let him help you. You aren't in this alone and you wouldn't be at all without him so he owes you this much... good luck..keep smiling!

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Thank you letmebeme and dragondoo. I talked to my hubby about it all the time. He completely understand's why I am pulling away from our youngest (my stepdaughter 9yrs old). But my main concern now is that its causing me to not be as connected to my oldest stepdaughter and it is affecting my relationship with my husband as well. It's very very stressful. Thank you both for commenting. It helps...