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EEK the GoFundMe Queen!

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Anyone else's BM use sites like GoFundMe for virtual begging constantly?

I swear in the 5 years that I've known this woman, she's posted at least 20 GoFundMe campaigns ranging from getting her dogs out of the pound when they get quarantined because they've attacked/killed other dogs, asking for donations to help with her "cancer" that she was never actually diagnosed with and magically disappeared with no treatment, painting DH as an evil villain trying to steal her child and asking for money for a lawyer, painting her OTHER baby daddy as a villain trying to steal her other son, and her most current one (and the only one that I think has been semi appropriate) of asking for help with her boyfriends medical bills. He's been in the hospital for almost 3 months now little better than a vegetable following cardiac arrest and oxygen deprivation to his brain. She paints a very tragic tale about how her "husband" collapsed and she puts her "author" skills to work for sure. She admits that this event has caused both of them to lose their jobs (he wasn't employed to begin with), lose their home, re-home their dogs, and send their children away to live with family (SS13 has been with us since this summer anyway).

She has also, in the past, told SS13 to tell us about these campaigns and contribute. Yes, even to the one where she wanted money for a lawyer to get DH's right taken away.


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some women really do not want to work and pay their own bills. Happens all the time.
I do not contribute to these type pages. We all experience bad times and unexpected things in our lives.
It takes a low-character entitlement mentality person to expect others to fund their problems.

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Apparently her sugar daddy finding skills need fine tuning.

I hate lazy people period. I have held a job since I was 16. I was unemployed for 6 months when I was downsized during a period of high unemployment.

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She would be a terrible "catch" - plus she loves that her SO has to depend on her financially. Makes her feel like he won't leave her. Now he REALLY can't leave!

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When I googled BM over here she had a GOFundMe and it had the skid's pictures on it and she told some sob story that she needed money because my DH abandoned her and the skids. The truth is my DH left her because she cheated. But she lied to her own kids and told them that their father and abandoned them and cheated on her. I laughed so hard when I saw this fake sob story that BM had conjured up on a GoFundMe account. It seems these BM's will do whatever it takes to make themselves look like a saint while they are just really a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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I hate these.

A distant family member of mine posted one about money for IFV treatments for her daughter. Her daughter "can't" work because of some unknown "illness," she can't even "get off the couch" some days. This has been going on since daughter was an adult (about 10 years) and magically no doctor can figure it out. However, this mom takes that daughter and other adult daughter on vacation every year. A couple of those vacations would pay for IFV. Plus, how in the he!! is she going to take care of a baby when she can't get off the couch! Plus, the daughter had NO problems trekking around disney for days while they were there. The mom got mad and berated everyone on Facebook for not contributing. I just ignored it.

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Just a bunch of lazy self-righteous people that don't want to work and want everyone else to pay their bills. So ridiculous and fake.

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Yep. What's crazy is that her other daughter is a really hard worker. They aren't even that far apart in age. I don't know what happened.

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BioHo, SD24, and SD21 have all created GFM accounts.

'Ho was trying to get money for a relative's funeral....that was covered by the VA. She got $20.

SD21 wanted money for school tuition. She got $0.

SD24 wanted money to pay off the rest of the hospital bill from giving birth to her second child WITH a 2K cushion to "buy toys for the kids and so DH and I can have some adult time". She got $0.

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What kills me is that she actually DOES get money for these things! Guess her friends/family are more gullible that the average individual. I feel sorry for her mother - she bleeds that woman dry.

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I gave money to a classmate who's house burnt to the ground two days before her wedding. My mom asked what the church should get her and I said money. I can't even imagine. She managed to pull the wedding off, though! I also gave to a family where the mother passed away from a rare cancer. She was only a few years older than me (42) with two grown and three younger kids. It was heartbreaking.

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Totally worthy causes: especially if you know the full story and the people involved very well!

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That's all I can do at this point as well! Better to laugh then try to understand her logic or character.

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I give to my friend dying from anoerxia. She keeps trying different things to save her life. But yes I don't give to the lazy weirdos

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Its begging plain and simple.

If you think they are being fraudulent you can report them. Another interesting factoid, go fund me money can be taxable! So perhaps a call to the IRS is in order too.

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I hate GoFundMe forthe most part. I hate the public begging and it seems like a very large percentage are all scammers . So many campaigns for vacations, weddings and various sob stories. it's pathetic .

People need to get off there butts and work for what they want .....if you can't afford it....well sorry, thats life.

The animal ones get me and I will contribute to rescues .