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SD got rid of her dog

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So irritated with SD.

SD is dating a man who also has a little girl.  Recently, she brought them over. I have a little dog who is fixed and he's never been aggressive.  the entire time they were here, SD was hovering over the girl and telling me that I needed to watch my dog so it didn't bite the child.  My dog has never bitten anyone. And I sure as hell didn't invite SD, her BF and kid to my house. So I was a little aggravated by the whole situation.  My dog wanted nothing to do with the BF or the child. Smart dog, Fido.

Now, SD adopted a neglected dog about 2 years ago; a male that is also fixed.  Friendliest dog in the world, not an ounce of vice in the animal; just a typical lap dog, about the size of a beagle.   Well, I don't know what happened but the dog bit the BF. I don't know why but considering the dog's temperment, the BF was probably doing something the dog didn't like.   SD, all upset, has re-homed the dog and announced it all over her blog how her dog attacked the love of her life and now she's gotten rid of it. Expects the world to pat her on the back.

I don't know where the animal is but hopefully, it's in a much better living situation that it was with SD.  But if SD brings her BF and kid to my house and they do something to provoke my dog into biting, like hell if I'll get rid of the dog. DH would try to force me to get rid of my dog if something happens.  Well, they can kiss my a**, I'll divorce DH before I get rid of my pup.


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Be proactive and tell her not to bring that child or her BF to your home "for their safety".  And you can add that she might want to stay away too.

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Dog was there first. They need to understand the rightful pecking order, clearly!! 

Dont allow them over. If they dont like being around dogs, tough for them.