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What Is YOUR Skid doing This Summer ????

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Morning All !! I am pissed off and sharing my vent on here, because I have no one else to talk to here, who understands the World Of StepDoom !!

My ADULT skid sd21 , stb 22 , by the way, is still in school, she lives with the sap bf and a bunch of other 'pals' ( all students, I think, )

DH recieves a VERY long memail from her at the weekend, and once again, goes ahead IN PUBLIC, to try and read it out to me ( are you kidding me ??) he did this before and it really ANNOYS me !!! He was reading it off his phone, but I interrupted him with THE LOOK !!!

So, we are talking about it later when he has had a chance to read it ( I have access to the account too ). I ask, so is sd21 working this Summer ?? School finished for her in May, so she gets like almost 4 months off for Summer, plenty of time for a job. DH is like, ummmm, she didn't say, I don't know, etc, etc. Okay, end of the convo for me...... Fine......

A few days later, I read the memail, I like to keep on the same page as DH with the latest lies, oops, sorry, drama in poor ol' sd21 life of woe, she's a poor improvished student, don't ya know ???

Anyway, apparently, she HAS been doing that babysitting she talked about a while back, it's a few HOURS per week, that's it.... And the following are her own words.....

" at the moment I have a few hours a week at my own job, but that's stopping next week for the Summer "
" I'm getting quite bored in the day "
"In Minecraft, we went on an adventure yesterday...."

These are just some of the little gems, so I guess there is no need to ask DH if sd21 will break the habit of the last six years and GET a job that is more than a few hours per week ( because that's a JOB??)

So I know what my ADULT skid is doing this Summer, she is NOT working, she is BORED, but on the plus side she is playing Minecraft for hours and hours !!!!

What is YOUR skid doing this Summer ???


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Um, let's see, SD21 AND her husband are both sitting on their asses and are bored. Really? You're bored with 2 kids to take care of?

No jobs but they do go to the casino, out to eat, and to the movies.

I must be doing something wrong, having a job and all.

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Camping in dh's ass. I'm pretty sure she has a tent and a campfire in there. If she weren't so lazy, I'd assume she has fishing gear and a boat, but she can't be bothered with any physical activity, so her only real camping activity is poking his sphincter for attention.

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SD20 got expelled from university in November so she has been sitting in her bedroom at BM's watching youtube videos and playing computer games for 8 months now. Has she looked for a job? No. SD is mad at us because DH stopped her allowance. SD is under some delusion that she is going back to her university. They expelled her for drugs - a private religious college. She is not welcome back but too stupid to believe they don't want her.

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WOW...that is delusional. If she has gone to school on federal loans, she is dead in the water. You cannot get any federal loans again after having been arrested for drug charges of any kind!

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Her drug use was not reported to police. Private college kept it quit so as not to ruin her chances at another school. I took this to mean they are glad to be rid of her and her problems. SD took it to mean they love her and want her back. She lives in a fantasy world. She says all the time "I may be 20 years old legally but I am just 5 years old inside." :sick:

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SS21 is working. He always works. He puts work ahead of everything, even college. He works 35-40 hours a week. (Fast food) his GPA when he dropped out of college was 1.4.

SD15 had to attend summer school. She called last week and told DF she passed the class and will start high school in the fall.

SDs 5 and 7 went to WDW with DF and I and are now in camp.

DS20 started working 3 days after he got home from college and will work until he leaves next month.

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Playing house with her loser baby daddy and her now two kids...she sure isn't going to school...ah, yes, she's 17. lol

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Skid is sitting on the couch being a bum and just waiting for everyone to serve her. :sick: Not a lie, she sits on the couch and watches tv all day (10+ hours a day). She won't do anything with me, and her dad works all day so, whatever!!! At least I don't have to deal with her.

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How old is she? We have a 3 hour screen time limit during summer (2 hours during school). That includes computer, TV and video systems. Kids have to read one hour a day to get any screen time.

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I would please like to be your BM.

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He definitely crossed the line. He pays that much in CS and he resents you?

You are better than that. I don't even know what to say. I don't think I could get past that.

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Wow. My dh has never so much as uttered a negative word to me. I don't care how upset he was or how much anger he has inside, noone deserves to be called bad names just because life isn't what they expected. It is HIS fault he is poor, not yours. He can push to get the settlement. He can tell his kids no. Instead he hurts the one person who is actually contributing?

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Makes sense. Bide your time and get yourself in a better position to go. It really does suck to be responsible, doesn't it?

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"I am a bit too old to just throw clothes in my car and hit the road. Sometimes being a grown-up really sucks!!"

Oh, I know, wasn't that fun when we could do it! I miss those days.

He really has some nerve after YOU supported HIM.

I'm sorry, dog person.

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Gee, there are some lazy ass skids out there !! I have a younger skid too, wonder if it's worth enquiring about what they are up to. Dropped school last Summer, DH still pays hundreds in CS, for this skid to just sit, lark about, and be bored. Skid is nearly 19 ...... BM who he still lives with , has done nothing, why bother when the money is rolling in, it was never spent on the skids !!!

DH hates asking the skids about work, jobs, etc,etc, like it's a dirty word or something, WTF ??? He is scared they will stop wanting to talk to him..... So he is interested and praises them to the sky for what ?? Not working, not moving on with their lives, not becoming a fully functioning member of the community, grown up and responsible for THEIR lives. Not learning the value of money, not learning how to be respectful and thoughtful, the list is never ending.......

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Hereiam, yes, we contacted the CS people when skid turned 18 and informed them of his updated " status "', dropped out of school, not entering further education, etc, was " investigated " and we were told no change to CS !!! DH and I are in a different country and my DH HATES rocking the boat, and hates confrontation, etc,etc...... THAT was IT as far as DH was concerned.

I . WAS . LIVID . !!!!!

Fast forward, I am counting down the remainding payments to BM, let's face it, this is HER money, always had been, why it's called CS, I'll never understand, when it should be LABMS ( lazyassbirthmothersupport !!)

I will forcing DH to do something about it, and if I'm still as pissed off about it then I WILL be reporting her in to the fraud department of CS and a whole ton of KARMA will fall on her sorry head !!! I WILL BE DONE !!!

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Wow, that sucks! I would be soooo pissed. SD and BM tried to keep it a secret when SD got married, we would've had 2 more years of CS. I am so glad to be done with that.

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I am pissed off !!! I believe, because DH wouldn't press the matter any further, that BM lied to CS about skid probably starting some kind of further education course, which never happened.... Also, she didn't want skid to register on to unemployment benefit, as that would definnately mean the CS would stop..... Our BM is a cunning lazy ass BM !!! I don't even know if skid knows that DH is STILL supporting him, with hundreds in CS still EACH month....

That is why when it comes to skid's 19th Birthday soon, and nothing changes, I AM going to sing like a Canary to the fraud squad !! }:)

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Anther memail from sd21 , she MUST be VERY bored !!! She has informed DH she is available to be called again now, how lucky for DH to be given permission AND after a busy Summer of not working again, she is off to visit some family members for a week, poor dear, all this, er, not working and being bored MUST be hard work !!!

She has mentioned DH calls, A LOT recently, you know, you can ring me now for a chat, ring me at this time, I'm available for calls, sorry I missed your call, blah blah, blah.....

Now, I smell a rat because, DH swears he hasn't gone back to sneaky behaviour of ringing sd21 behind my back, this went hand in hand with giving her more money, lying to me, etc, etc .... Hmmmm, I guess he is ringing her again from work ??? My issue will NOT be that he is ringing her BUT his secret squirrel shit way of doing it. He's already in my bad books, I hope this is not true, I may have to do some " research " this weekend ......

Honest to goodness, sometimes this marriage FEELS a tad crowded !!! Skids go off and live your lives under your own steam and not through DH's money !!!

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SS17 is working at Habitat for Humanity retail location 40 hrs a week, this is to complete his last 2 credits for highschool, he also works part-time (10-15 hrs a week) in fast food and once his 6 weeks are up to complete his diploma he is going to look for another part-time job. Jobs are pretty scarse around here so not sure how lucky he will be will finding another part-time job, but at least he is not sitting on his ass playing video games all summer like he did last summer.

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Also, apparently wherever the sd21 is, there are like no jobs available.....ever.....
She has had the opportunity for the last four years to stay with relatives during her time off from her course ( this equates to approx 6 months of the year !!) and stay there for like literally nothing and find work nearby, large towns, a city, agencies, large chainstores, bars, etc, etc.
She has chosen to stay where her schooling is, with sap bf and just work....

The only thing sd21 will have when she finishes THIS course next year ( she plans to do approx another three or four years of courses, I think, for her chosen career path ) apart from hopefully a pass, will be the extra fifty pounds or so of weight gain and more debt !!! }:) }:) }:)