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Manipulating children

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Ok here's the lowdown.. My boyfriend's 11 year old son is very manipulative. When you try to discipline him he is not having it at all . Ok here goes I had met my boyfriend about A year and a half ago. He had me meet his children right off the bat. I thought that was odd but said don't u wanna see if u like me first before introducing me to them. We'll I guess they liked me so I had spent way too much time with them where i feel he was using me to be the babysitter. And I had noticed some odd behavior from his son 9 at the time demanding things refusing to do anything and wanting to be waiting on hand and foot. He would get very upset with me about me saying u need to put some serious boundaries up he is running u he's not doing this had behavior in this house.  Long story short I finally convinced both of the parents he needs help ... But now he gets in trouble or put in check he will say when it's time to eat wants a snack No nevermind I don't want it. I responded with u are not affecting me by not having a snack or not eating your only harming yourself .he basically thinks that is gonna work and we will feel sorry for him.No that's manipulation. My problem is my boyfriend talks over me when I let him know that is not good behavior and we don't do that here ...I need some help in this area thank you


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This will NEVER end.  It's only going to get worst.  No one respects you.  That will never change.

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Away from kiddos.

Talk to your partner. If that doesnt work, then...

Disengage - no more free babysitting, you will be otherwise engaged.  If that doesnt work, then...

You must break things off.

And your 21-year old needs a job, and needs to go to college...