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So for you that are much does it cost to raise a child for a week?

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I'm in the dark here...I know it's not cheap but how much does it take to raise a child per week? All, water, electricity, cable, gas, extras, etc? Just wondering what you all think?


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Well my skids are 12G and 9B... If we have 50/50 custody how much would it take for a whole week to 'raise' each kid? Even more so though what do you think it takes on average per week to raise a kid?

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There was an interesting article on the cost of raising children til age 18. I think the figure was something like $300,000 til they are 18...divide that by 18years and you get $16,666 a year, divide that by 52 weeks in a year and you get $320.51 a week. Of course, the cost of raising a child is supposed to be both parents responsibility so income availability obviously plays a huge factor in what you give and what you receive.

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well, it certainly doesn't cost the ungodly amount that my DH has to pay exbeast that's for damn sure! It's hard to calculate weekly expense though. I don't get CS (a personal choice I have made) so my expenses for my son are the following:
Before and after school care/camp: $115 a week during school year, $175 a week during summer
Food: approx $200 a month if I just include ChooChoo's meals...kinda hard since he eats with all of us...
Clothing: I splurge A LOT in clothes and shoes for him so probably like $150-200 every time i shop for him...usually every other month or whenever I see cute stuff for him
Karate: $85 a month plus incidentals like uniforms n belts when he moves up
School expenses: I just spent $110 on school supplies which lasts him most of the year

Most people get by with the other parent contributing between $400-1000 a month. It just depends on the situation I think. Some people waste their CS money and don't put it to the things it's supposed to be used for.

I don't count BGE and stuff like that because that's for all of us. If you share 50/50 custody you shouldn't be paying for BGE,mortgage,or any housing expenses for the other parent.

The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children. ~Edward, Duke of Windsor, Look, 5 March 1957

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It ain't cheap. Then you factor in school clothes and supplies. Bookfair money. Money for school lunches. Money for field trips. Money for presents for partiesthey get invited too. Money for THEIR B days, christmas, easter...etc etc. Tooth fairy money...It adds up fast with all those little "extras".

Once you have them it's your responsibility to provide for them bottom line. If you marry a man with kids it's a given he will have to continue to support his kids. You divorce wives not children after all. If you make more money than your ex spouse you will be paying more and whether you think it's fair is irrelevant.

All the courts are concerned with is the childs quality of life staying the exact same as it would FINANCIALLY if both parents were still living under the same roof. The kid should be affected as little as possible. I do think unemployed BM's should have to find employment once divorced. I do not agree with a man having to support his child AND his EX. That's not cool.

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