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SS5 dislikes me with a PASSION!!!

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All the kids (my two and the the skids) get home from school (the ones that are in school, my S3 isn't old enough to go yet). Anyways, I am always at the table helping everyone with their work. Which I actually enjoy doing! SS5 is in Kindergarten so he needs the most help with his homework and has to be told what to do page by page. When we got to one of the "writing a letter page" he only wrote the letter twice. I said "Son, (SS5) you need to write more than that. It's practice, that's why you have to write a whole bunch." And his little butt wanted to argue back in forth with me about how to do his homework, telling me I was wrong. I sent him to his room and told him I would finish helping him when he wanted to do his homework right and not talk to me with disrespect! He pretty much cried ( tears ever) for about an hour until I finally told him I was calling his dad (which is out of town for work). His dad talked to him and this time there were REAL TEARS. Not sure what was said, I didn't ask. I talked to my husband for about 20 mins and told him SS5 is finally quiet so I'm going to go see if he's ready to do his homework now. (we hung up) I went to SS5 bedroom door and asked him, "SS5 (name), are you ready to be nice and get your homework done?" He said, "I'm not doing it." I just said, "okay" and continuted to put his homework back in his folder and into his backback. I had other things to take care of and I wasn't dealing with it NO MORE! I made dinner, finished helping the other kids and then called my husband back, just to chat. I brought up what had happened again, and he said "you can't just give up on him" and then proceed to compare it to a situation with my eldest son and how his dad acts with him when it comes to school work. So, my husband wanted to talk to him again. SS5 was in a better mood, very happy daddy wanted to talk to him and told his daddy that he would do his homework the way I tell him too. I told my SS5 to go inside and that he couldn't go back to his room and play just yet and to get his homework and meet me at the table. I come inside and he is in the room with the rest of his siblings playing...and no homework was even at the table. I asked him why did't he do what I asked him to do and all I got was a stare down. I told him that we had already missed so much time not doing work that now he would have to go to bed 15 min earlier than the rest of the kids because he didn't listen. Get to the table and we weren't even at the table but 5 mins before he started his whinning all over again. "its to hard, I can't do it, I'm tired, I don't know what that says, why do I have to do this over" We did this for a whole hour and 15 minutes until we finished. Talk about frustrating! What happened to the CHEERFUL lil boy that just told his dad prior to all of this that he will do his work and the way he's told! I love helping all the kids but it's truly hard when they don't want your help (especially if they don't want the help from YOU!) Another thing, this morning..girls are getting ready to ride their bikes to school and sees that the dog has gotten some halloween stuff out from a box I have on the patio. SS5 starts crying and making a big deal and saying "your a bad dog, that's my daddy's stuff, I don't like you." His sister, my SD10, tells him "that's not daddy's, that's mommas (they all call me momma)." SS5 says "oh, I don't care." And then drys his face. And did not know I was standing there right behind him when all of this happened. I said "what?" and once again, I get a stare down as he walks pass me. I didn't say a word to him other than what. What I really don't understand, is that this kid hates me so much he's always acting like this ALL the time with me but yet he wants to follow me around all day and know my every little move! AHHHHHHHH!!!!


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He doesn't hate you. Someone has told him when his father isn't around he is The Man of the House. This is the most rediculous line in the world.

Just discipline him without talking to his Dad. Then you give all authority to his father and you only do what 'Daddy' says. The next time he refuses to do his homework use manipulation like this .... OK, well if you don't do your homework there is no TV tonight and straight to bed after dinner. No, no whining. Your choice is homework or no TV. I am not calling your Daddy because Daddy is not here and I am in charge. And tomorrow we will walk into your classroom and you can explain to your teacher why you didn't do your homework. OK?

*Cue grizzling and whining.... Cue SM turning up the radio and singing along... loudly.*
This is all about who wins. DOn't worry about his snotty comments. He is just all bravado. I used to make my kids repeat the crap they said *Would you repeat that because I missed some of it. Sorry? You can't remember? Then it wasn't very important was it?*... Then a suitable punishment would take place an hour or so later.*SS, you have to wait for the others to get their cookie. You can wait for a minute. Because I said so...*

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Thank you! I never thought about "not calling dad!" Thank you so much, very helpful! I know someone is telling him stuff...BM is always talking horrible about me to him!