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Oh BM...

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BM texts DH today:

"Drop the subpoena against my friends (who SD stayed with the weekend of the sledges abuse) today!! It's a huge inconvenience for them and it can't possibly help your case. Your attorney is trying to waste your money!! It should be just us and our attorneys there any way."

Think she's sweating bullets about her false allegations yet?


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*shakes head* silly BM. Hope this will be a very painful and vivid lesson to her so she remembers not to do shit like this next time.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could gift someone that?? A big ol' box, wrapped beautifully, open it up to a dunce cap and some balloons: '#1 Moron', 'Prize Idiot', 'STUPID'...

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Notes from the Twilight Zone

Well, if it's that big of an inconvenience for them of course I'll drop the subpoena. I wouldn't want them to be inconvenienced.
Please apologize for me, I never meant to upset them.
I don't know why I thought they'd be in anyway able to help me?

You are absolutely right, my lawyer is just milking me money. I'm firing him and so it will just be me, you and your attorney.

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mwhahahahaha he can simply fwd the threatening text message to his lawyer and demand BM only contacts him from now on through family wizzard and only regarding the kids...