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Just when you think all is well...

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Your spouse gets served. Ex parte hearing on Friday. She's accusing him of abuse this time, because it's classic BM PAS. I guess she's still pissed she lost the last court case. Wish us luck.


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Good luck!
Our BM always does something when she doesn't get her own way, (usually when she doesn't get the money she demands)...

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Last year we won in court, BM wanted a stupid amount of support plus private school and club soccer paid for. She wasn't happy when she got less than what DH was already paying.

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Every time BM didn't get what she wanted from SO, she would take a kid... Not letting them visit their father, scheduling things on his weekends then PASing them, starting from the oldest to the youngest.

SO ran out of kids last year for her to take when he refused to give into her demands and give her what she was not entitled to.

BM recently found out, she will be getting thousands less a year from SO than what she demanded from him for OSD's education expenses and about the same amount for each additional skid as they enter post secondary.(The amount she was demanding from SO would cover all of OSD's expenses and she and OSD(and other skids) wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket)... We are waiting to see what she has up her sleeve now since there aren't any kids left for her to take....

Edited to remove information that could identify me....

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My DH went through this (before we started dating). Must be in the manual.

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Thanks guys! She's accusing him of beating up SD, but she didn't call the police or file a report (can't reduce his earning potential, right?) The bruise in question was on SD's when DH picked her up from laser tag with her friends but DH and BM discussed it in length via text. To be fair SD's story about the bruise changed between us, her mom and her friends, but maybe she later told her mom DH did it, who the duck knows. The summons was pretty vague-so we're walking into this blind.

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Ex Parte - yup, familiar with that!!!! BM accused us of having a "dangerous environment" for the children (she wanted more money), and that I could not be alone with her children during visitation (she wanted more money), and texted SO horrible things, including that she hopes he dies of a brain aneurism (so she could get more money)...

Good Luck!!!