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OT - We brought 6 new babies home last night!

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We now have 10 English Bulldogs in our home. My oldest baby girl had 6 puppies last night. She started the first stages of labor around 8:00pm, so I had to stay up with her so we could get her to the vet when it was time. Her visible contractions started around 12:30am & the vet met us at the clinic at 1:30am for the cesarean.

DH is home with her today & tomorrow to make sure things are good with them. I'm running on no sleep & can't wait to get home & lay my head on my pillow.

Sometimes I feel relieved to be raising dogs instead of children. Biggrin


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sounds like a ROAD TRIP!!!!

I WANT ONE where do you live LOL Blum 3

Congratulations on your new FurBabies!

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The ones we have as pets are Willow (mama) Wiley (papa) & two of their daughters from their first litter, Ellie & Squishy. Willow is the only one we've bred, & this will be her last litter. Of course, we can't breed Wiley with his daughters, so we'd have to find a stud if we decide to breed them.

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Well, we aren't keeping the puppies. We do have the 4 as pets, however, we brush each of them outside daily & bathe them weekly. I wash their bedding twice a week as well, so there's nothing stale lying around to hold the odors. We have hardwood floors throughtout the house & I sweep them every evening. It's a lot to keep up with, but I do like to have a clean odor-free home as well.

Really, most of the people I know who have children have more issues than we do with those things.