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BM is taking a sad solo trip down memory lane...LOL!

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Along with the "thing" she has for Family Dollar cherubs, angels & carousel horses, BM has a thing about dedicating music to get her messages across to the FB world.

While on her mission to brainwash SD & SS a couple of years ago, she publicly dedicated Eminem's "Mockingbird" to SD & SS on FB & tagged them in it for all of their friends to see. Last night, she "liked" her dedication. (She had to sift through A LOT of old crap to find it.)

The same day she dedicated that to them, she dedicated Dido's "White Flag" to DH on FB, & publicly professed her undying love for him, even though he doesn't have a FB account. Last night, she "liked" her dedication to him as well.

In what has become her normal pilled-up stupor, BM udpated her FB status last night & might as well have posted a pic of her pills wrapped in Hollywood lights, as their effects were the star of her show.

Last night, she posted another dedication to DH with Poco's "Crazy Love" (which made hers & DH's sex tape soundtrack along with Duran Duran's Ordinary World), & included the following (unedited) message for him...even though he STILL doesn't have a FB account:

"To the love of my (always) husband. We may be a part but you will allays have my heat. We were married until death & in my eyes you will always be my love."

I haven't shared it with DH yet. I'm saving it for a face-to-face with him after work we can enjoy the laugh together. Sharing laughter brings us closer together. Thank you BM. Biggrin


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Yes, she is devoting her "heat" to him for always. She did have carousel unicorns. I think it was the carousel theme that tickled her more than the unicorns themselves. The unicorns she had were all carousel-themed.

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WE are all traveling in a parallel universe. So many blogs are exactly like what I'm going thru, seeing, etc.

OSS has been sharing songs with BM that mean something to her about DSO.

BM actually posted 'I wish it ment as much to the other person'
SS posted under that 'I will play this at my wedding and we can cry together.' My god SS, you are 21. My DS never cared about old songs and crying with me at 21.

The song was Wind Beneath My Wings.

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LOL. That's what happened to DSO. They are FB friends and even though BM is blocked, DSO and all of their mutual friends saw it.

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She is currently receiving prescriptions for Xanax, Valium, Hydrocodone, Lyrica & some kind of sleeping pill. (She has to get them through two different doctors because the one wouldn't give her all of them.)

It's hard to say what she's getting off the street.

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The funniest thing is that she does this stuff when she's completely bonkers on her pills, she passes out for a couple of days, & when she wakes up, she has no idea she's done it, so it just stays there.

I can't IMAGINE how embarrassed I'd be to be her. Of course, the pills keep her from feeling the shame. I don't know if she'll ever have the sense to be embarrassed by any of it, or if the pills have affected her permanently. I have to guess that there is damage done that could never be undone if she stopped today.

As embarrassing as it is for the kids, & really for DH too, the fact that she has been such a royal bitch makes all of this really easy to laugh at.

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Oh wow! You and your DH have been together for a while too! Nutburger still does this too. On FB. The music dedications, the Ecard dedications, and the long drawn out history essays of "on this day in 19xx we brought forth our beautiful crotchdropping made out of our undying love for one another bla bla bla"
AND not one person that is friends with her calls her out on it.
Hell, some of them even "like" it.....

Maybe SO's EX is on pills too....
lets just say that Wink

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Yes, we've been together for 13 years & she left him 2 years before we met.

It almost makes it seem "nicer" to chalk the crazy it up to pills. At least then there's an explanation for it. Smile

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LOL, true,
That's what I will tell SO next time he tells me to "be nice" when I am having a call out the crazy BM moment.
I will say "ok then she's not crazy she's on pills" Biggrin

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What is it with these BM's. It really is very sad that they can't move on. The BM you have to deal with just takes the cake. WOW - that is simply pathetic.

BM in my situation used to write about how she still felt about dh. Ugh.

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I think the pills have numbed her to any shame & embarrassment she absolutely SHOULD feel. She hasn't actually met more than a handful of her FB friends. (That's why she still has so many.) She's like the boy who cried wolf, & people have caught on.

A few years ago she posted (again) about having terminal lymphoma. That created a whirlwind of sympathy. I guess when she continued posting, people realized it wasn't true & they quit posting. When the sympathy stopped, she posted a shocking update about the doctor telling her she was going blind. The sympathy came (though it didn't draw as much as the cancer story) & it passed.

She continued to post, but nothing more about cancer, dying, or going blind.

The FB friends who do know her, know she's a jackhole & just don't pay attention anymore.

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I can't even get pissed off about it for the entertainment it brings! I mean, she is crack-ass crazy!