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OT: Stuff like this makes issues such as co-sleeping with grown children not quite so creepy

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This just came through my FB newsfeed. Now, if a kid is old enough to climb up on a chair & pull mommy's boobie out of her shirt when he's thirsty, is he not old enough to learn how to drink from a cup?,0,7563194.story

Ughhh...this gives me willies.


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The article in Time is disappointing. I encourage everyone to do your own research if you want to know what attachment parenting is really about. I attachment parent and I know several others who do as well, and I don't know anyone who breastfed their kid past a year of age, or coslept for an extended period. Many of my attachment parenting friends don't cosleep at all. Disappointing, media.

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I've not read the article, yet, but the cover looks as though they are discussing extremists, and not the average "attachment parent."

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I'm afraid to click that link.

I'm sick and tired of the crunchy momma's still nursing 7 year old. The placenta eating ones make me want to puke.

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I hope his kindergarten teacher keeps her tennis shoes on hand. I fear her days will be spent running from the thirsty children, & them getting pissed when they catch her & realize that all boobies aren't drinking fountains.

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And when the question arises of whether being a stepmom or a stepdad is harder, from now on I will always consider that while many SM's have to watch the SD's roll around & snuggle in daddy's'd really suck to be a stepdad having to watch a 4yo kid throw himself into mommy's lap to latch on.

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I'm with IC. Nurse your children as long as you want, but don't force everyone else to watch. There also needs to be healthy limits set, and a nursing a three year old through out the day is NOT healthy!

No wonder society seems to be pushing back the age of adulthood to late 20's. We've got kids still nursing at 4 and shitting their pants at 12 :o

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I have 6 friends that have all had kids within the last 2 years. All of them breastfed. And I don't think any of them stopped before around 3 or 4 months. One just stopped when her son turned around 16 months. As for demographics, all were college grads, one is an MD. So, yeah, I know lost of folks that breastfed... Def more than a handful over the course of my life.

I don't think anyone was blaming the behaviors on breastfeeding. I actually think she was joking.

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Hahaha I just read up on "attachment parenting." This isn't a new trend, someone's just given it a label. Apparently, I was an "attachment parent" with my two sons. Yes, I nursed them (free, healthier, natural, easier). Yes, I slept with them as infants (makes night time feedings easier). Yes, I strapped babies on more often than pushing them around in a stroller (safer, faster, easier, cleaner). Yes, I was a SAHM for 13 years.

My sons were not sniveling brats and were actually the "cool kids" in school. They are 24 and 21 now. They are well adjusted adults, both out on their own, self-supporting, and working on advanced degrees. They are definitely NOT attached to my apron strings.

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I breastfeed my children from birth to 12 months but this IS gross. This child is almost 4 years old.

BM breastfeed SS until he was 4 or so and I think it is just gross. DH said the reason she breastfeed that long was because she had boobs and did not want to lose them. :jawdrop:

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I had an aunt that breastfed her son, my cousin, until he was almost 7. Her and my uncle are divorced now. That cousin is around 22 or 23 and he is the most FUCKED UP adult I've ever met. I have nothing to do with him, but I'm sure i'll see him on the news someday when he is arrested for being a serial killer. We would be out, like @ the park and he would just walk up, pull my aunts shirt up and latch on for a little sip here and there. Wack job.

I breastfed all my kids until they weaned themselves. About 18 months each. I loved it. Lots of bonding. But I was very private.

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It was bizzare. Like really, really uncomfortable to be around. Just a little sip, here and there, whenever he was parched. LOL.

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Yeah, by the time junior has a mouthful of pearly whites and can get his own juice box from the fridge, its about time to stop inviting him for a little nip off the ole double Ds. I believe breast is best, but geez. So are firm boundaries.

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There's attachment parenting and then there is ridiculous. Sorry, I do believe in attachment parenting on most topics. About breast feeding? You are welcome to do whatever YOU want...but keep it private. I really don't want to hear the "it's natural" so I can pull out my b#$%#$%b and feed my kid in public if I's ALSO natural to not wear clothes and 99.9% do wear clothes. Breast feeding is fine and it in private. I don't care what these women say, but anyone who pulls out the b#$%#$%b in front of others is really just an exhibitionist...period.

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OMG what is wrong with people? OMG I had to pump because my son was born at 26 weeks and I wasn't allowed to breast feed but if I had once he got teeth that would have been it for me.