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OT: These are the people influencing our small children today...

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This story broke yesterday afternoon. A kindergarten teacher & the school nurse from SD & SS's elementary school are arrested & charged with Murder-for-Hire on the teacher's exH.


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damn. they threw their lives away for nothing. i wouldn't care if my ex died, and i wouldn't care if it was in a horrible way. but you can be damn sure that whatever may befall him will not be caused by me!

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That's what I thought too. Clearly, she couldn't stand the guy, but now has sacrificed the career she paid thousands to have in the toilet & her chances of having anything normal or happy in her future are slim to none.

I'm still not sure why the nurse got involved, aside from being friends with the teacher. Maybe he had insurance that would've gone to her (though I would hope being an EX he'd have taken care of that business).

That's a whole lotta sacrifice for a friend.

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People have suggested maybe he was abusive or something. I haven't heard anything to confirm it or indicate that he was, but even so, he's an ex. The police are trying to identify a motive, so it doesn't seem like there are any past domestic violence reports or anything like that.

I get the thing between the teacher & her ex, but I can't figure out why the nurse would give up her career & her future to do the dirty dealing...

I'm not sure what she would get out of getting involved.

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"perhaps they were ..ahem... chummier than anyone else at school realized?"
That was DH's go-to answer. LOL!

I was thinking maybe there was an insurance policy they'd split or something, but being an ex...I hope he'd be smarter than that.

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Insane story! I'm a teacher and I dislike those who make a bad name for us.

That said, I can't help but say that your title rubbed me the wrong way. All of the teachers that have sex with students or do things like this don't influence the kids in doing so. Our society makes it a point to show how wrong these people are. Besides that, when it comes to the sex crimes, the students are normally over the age of 14 and at that point they KNOW that what they're doing is wrong just as well as the adult does...the adult just has more to lose. I doubt these two people went to school and tried to influence the kids to plot murders against people that hurt them. And I don't think it's fair to rope in an entire profession with a stupid, very stupid, decision two people made.

Part of my issue with this is that (no, this will not be humble), I am young, in great shape, and I'm not bad-looking. Every year that I teach I have at least three boys that openly admit they have crushes on me. Obviously I do nothing about this apart from telling them that they can keep their thoughts to themselves and it isn't appropriate to discuss such things, but I don't doubt for a SECOND that people would look at me once and wonder if I would be like the other idiot female teachers that sleep with other students. In fact, when I was in college I had a professor tell me that I should dress in frumpy clothing and try to ugly myself a bit when I got into the classroom.

It is sad that people do such things, but how many stories do we ever see about police officers making mistakes? Firemen? Military? Do you know how frequently military members receive DUIs? There were THREE this past weekend at the base we're currently stationed at. THREE. But those stories aren't aired. My point is, it isn't just the teachers and it isn't ALL teachers. And some of us suffer unnecessary criticism because people make stupid decisions, and the title of your post (which reads as an opinion) made me feel like you were enlacing every other educator in the same category as those two.

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Sorry you found my title offensive. Obviously there are good & bad people in every profession. I didn't figure anyone would read my blog & be left with the impression that because these 2 got caught hiring a hitman that I believe everyone in the education profession hires hitmen.

It's a title & the story makes it clear that it was 2 people. Not every educator.

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I didn't mean for what I said to come across pointed at all, so I'm sorry if it did. There has been an overwhelming amount of negative attention on educators the last few years and I guess it just makes me PO'd because, honestly (for example), the military has SO many things that happen within it that no one knows about, yet we're expected to just respect them. I just feel like we all get a bad rap from a few idiots is all.