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a nice reprieve

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I have had my bs17 home for a couple days from college and ss16 gone to his Grandma's for the weekend, so I have had a very well deserved reprieve. On Friday I shut ss16's door tightly and it was nice to not have him skulking around all weekend or needing to be driven here and there. This all made having bs17 over for a visit so much nicer b/c I could concentrate on "spoiling" my boys without feeling guilty about leaving ss out.

I was laying awake this morning and figured out something in my tired brain, both ss's graduate later then bs's b/c of where their birthdays fall in the year, and also bs17 left home at 17 1/2 b/c he got his GED and went on to college early. So what I am thinking is that I might keep bs15 home after he graduates and send him to the local community college for a couple years if he so desires, and enjoy my youngest for a bit longer, after ss16 is long gone!!!! Bs15 has the same personality as my younger brother does and he stayed home for a long time b/c he was such a joy to my folks and always helped out around the place for them.

So anyways those were my rambling thoughts this morning. I have enjoyed this weekend reprieve in my own home with my own kids! I gave bs17 my netbook to take back with him and bs15 gave him his ipod b/c I bought him a nice phone. So bs17 is going back with some nicer things, not new b/c things get stolen, but at least he can now stay in touch with his friends on FB and has his music Smile (his ipod was stolen last month)

Thanks for listening to me Wink