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SS Got Told!

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15 SS was making a racket last night at around 3:30 a.m. He was playing his precious Fortnite game in the living room, clapping sarcastically every time he lost. Which seemed to be a lot. It was waking me up every time he clapped.

Because of how negative he's made things for me I just try to avoid him altogether and there have been other nights where he was doing the same thing but I just put a pillow over my head and try to go to sleep that way. It's too stressful to get SO to do anything regarding the sk's

But last night I was fed up! I got out of bed and marched myself right down there.

Me: "Do you think you live alone?"

Him: "Huh"

Me: "I said, do you think you live alone?"

Him: scowls at me

Me: "You may be able to sit here and waste your life away playing the game all night, but I have to get some rest so I can have a constructive and productive day! Please stop that clapping!"

Him: Gives me the most hateful glare imaginable.


But I didn't care! The ship has sailed on me caring whether he likes me or not. I went back up into the room got in the bed and went to sleep and slept like a baby. There was no more clapping. Sure I'll hear about it later from SO, they always try to pit SO against me, but I don't much care about that, either!



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You need to figure out how to cut your router off for wifi at a reasonable hour.. 10pm or something.. 

I will be honest.. I wouldn't let my DH skate on things like this.

I have literally told him in the past.. "either YOU go deal with this.. or I will and believe me.. you are NOT going to like the way I deal with it."


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"...either YOU go deal with this.. or I will and believe me.. you are NOT going to like the way I deal with it."

Yep, said that too. And I followed through.

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I like power cords, personally. Take those and walk away.

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Thanks for the replies.

Oh I definitely would have took the router away if he had continued to make noise. It's not something I'm unfamiliar with doing. back when I was engaged in their education I would do a lot of punishments like that for grades. But since I'm disengaged now from disciplining or educating them, I only do what is necessary to safeguard my own well-being and the well-being of DS and DD.

I work from home on website design, and I'm the techie of the house so I can even get sneaky and rate limit them through the router. this is a way of slowing down their connection to a point where it's useless without actually disconnecting them from the router. So there's a question of, is the internet just bad? ...or is someone doing this? Good for gaslighting I guess. But I don't do that, I usually take the high road. Plus on the few occasions where I have done that, the sk's always come running to me to fix it and I have to act like I don't know why it's doing that. And I don't like acting.

Simpler this way. Just let me get my sleep. Piss your lives away for all I care

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Just let me get my sleep. Piss your lives away for all I care

That's where I'm at too. Congratulations!

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oh and get some ear plugs.  I can't live without then as  Chef snores like an Airbus taking off