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What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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For those of us in the U.S... what do you have planned for any of the Fourth of July festivities?

We have both the skids this weekend and I'm trying to be positive about it! I think maybe we'll just do a little bonfire at our house and bust out some sparklers and glow bracelets.


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I am jealous of all the fun stuff planned. I am on call Fri, Sat, Sun. Woo hoo! I think i may clean and organize my house. I am free on the 4th and I think we are having a few friends and their kids over for fireworks.

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I have no clue at this point honestly. Perhaps pool time, a get together w/my brother maybe, maybe some more house cleaning, maybe go somewhere to watch the fireworks on the 4th. No clue-I'm off Tuesday also

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My DH is on call so we can't go up to the cabin with my family Sad but he is off on the 4th. Next weekend is BS4th birthday so we have some yard work to do, will probably blow up the new kiddie pool I bought the kids & the slip & slide & let the kids go crazy. Smile

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The green-eyed jealousy monster just invaded me.

We are getting married in September and won't be able to take a honeymoon Sad Sure could use a vacation about now! Smile HAVE FUN!

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YARD work, GARDEN work, splitting and stacking more wood for the winter (we only heat with two wood burning stoves)

Hopefully GG will change my car's oil and filter and some other low key maintenance as well.

The only fireworks we'll be seeing is the massive amount of fireflies (lightning bugs) floating around in the evenings (we live on a wooded swamp, err i mean "wetland")
That is all. Lol

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Speaking of fireflies. . .I have a 1.5 acre bugzapper with mosquito attractant that goes off constantly so i guess you could count that as "fireworks"

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I have NO SKIDS. That's right. None. I'll just have my 16 month old DD and my 7 year old DD. I am taking them to a parade and fireworks display. Probably going to grill. I'll buy a few sparklers for them. Maybe go to the lake and take the canoe out. Do a little fishing.

My son is in Colorado so it's a skeleton crew at my house this weekend. Should be fun. The break is welcome.

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My Sister is going to meet my Boyfriend's Kids for the first time (she is visiting from out of state)- wish me luck - and we are all going to the beach. my sister has 3 kids around the same ages as SKids. It should be fun, BM already tried to ruin our weekend but trying to not letting her get to me.