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Just one day at a time!!!!

stephtrey's picture just ONE day...
7yr old ss had 5 meltdowns (that is actually a low number) but that doesnt include all the arguements. DH did make an appt with a child Psychiatrist Smile YEAH!
9yr old ss, ran full blast at our bedroom door and broke it...blew the jam off and splintered it all the way down. DH is freakin. Then he(ss) stands there and tells us "IT ISNT BROKEN!" wow......
DH, myself and 7yr went grocery shopping and while we were gone the two 9yr olds,( one my bio son) decided to just about flood the kitchen AND put a large landscaping rock in the driveway which we of course backed over/into when we got home (it was dark), I asked them why they did it and answer was "you would have stopped us if you were here"....oh my. So NOW they ALL have to come with us when we shop together!! no,no,no! I think one of us stays home (DH!) and the other does the shopping. Mind you the 2 ,9yr olds used to be entirely trustworthy. so we are on a downhill slide.


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It seems that the 9 year olds grasp the concept of following orders, but they don't understand what will happen to them if they don't. If you would stop them when you were there, they need to understand that it's still not a good idea to do even if you're not there. Did ANYONE get punished or have any consequences at all for their bad behavior yesterday?

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the door breaker has to pay for the new door jam out of his allowence and since we couldn't figure out who was the mastermind behind the rock they both got the "what the heck were you thinking" lecture and sent to their rooms for an hour to think about it. Today my Bio son 9 did ask me if the van was ok, so he did grip the idea of it could have been worse.

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the very thought sends chills up my spine! Yeah, I would definitely reccomend NOT leaving them home alone ever again, at least until they are a few years older and more mature. It is way easier to just have one parent at home, while the other one shops. Switch it up...But make sure those kids are SUPERVISED!!! Remember that lack of supervision is how children get seriously hurt or worse!!!

I remember when my SS was a latchkey kid around that age. I would go over to his house just to make sure there was someone looking out for him. I would often find him doing dangerous things(ex: trying to elmers glue together pieces of a glass he had broke!) or damaging other peoples property who also lived in the home.

While they do need to be held accountable for what they do on a consistent basis, they are obviously unable to be trusted in your home alone. Are they made aware of consequences for their actions? What is the discipline situation in your home?

I hope all goes well w/ the 7 year old and you guys are able to get to the root of why he is so emotionally distraught! Keep us posted!

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We both work but I work the mid shift and hubby works days so someone is usually home with the boys but they didn't want to go shopping and we were only gone about an hour and a half and DH had called home once while we were gone and talked to the kids so they really squeezed in their "bad time"! They have been told they can't stay home alone anymore because obviously they aren't ready for it.