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Drama moved on to the next topic…

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Poor SD's Mom went out of town for a few days...SD lives with her. Immediately there was drama, and of course, DH got several phone calls. Off to urgent care and whoa is me for a small abscess on her leg. Since BM has been out of town, DH has received at least 10 phone calls about this thing.  Wow! She is a sick girl... stay disengaged, stay disengaged.... 


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26 years old. OMG. 

These blogs never cease to amaze me , just when ya think you heard everything.

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So much drama. Sounds like SD22 Feral Forger.

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Yeah, that's our norm, medical "emergencies" with SD59.  She came over yesterday, late Fathers Day visit.  Plus DH83 asked for her help with yardwork.   So, she arrived late and DH had already begun to cut the grass.  She was twirling around, arranging her gift and cards, and I was thinking, get out there so he will stop (hardheaded 83yo shouldn't be mowing).  She mentioned being in tbe hospital the previous day but I didnt bite.   Later, she said she had gone to the ER for a recurring digestive problem probably brought on because she hadnt taken her Rx regularly.  At the ER, they told her to go home and rest for a few days but of course, she didnt, she went out to her daughter's and played with her 2 GSs and here she was the following day at our house doing yardwork.  Why hadn't she called and postponed?  That would be 1) following medical advice when she likes to flout authority and 2) she wanted to do what she wanted to do.

Later, I noticed she had about 6 bright orange bandaids on her leg.  I also noticed it was bleeding.  She had fallen the previous day.  She took the bandaids off and exposed a deep cut.  Go to urgent care,  SD58, you probably need stitches.  She went, of course, it's the worst cut ever, infection, stitches, etc.

So, ho hum, just another day in medical land with SD and her poor judgment.

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Since I've known SD, she's been a regular at urgent care. She ALWAYS gets the "poor thing" from DH and I'm sure BM. If they continue to do that, she'll never survive on her own. 

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DH and I both react as little as possible to this stuff.  We havent ever even discussed it, its just obvious that attention feeds it.

I can't think how many times I have heard about the periods she used to have where she passed clots like bowling balls, her excrutiating headaches that felt like ice picks, and all the exaggerated ailments in every body part.  Sigh


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OMG - drama queen much? She's 26! Plenty old enough to sort out her own shit.  I honestly just shake my head at these "helpless" females depending on daddy to fix everything.  I'm hoping your DH learns to say the word "NO" and get her to grow up and act like the damn adult she is. Frig, these women make me wanna bang my head on a wall..several times over.

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Then... he's on the phone with her and doesn't - he's terrified of her and I am too to be honest. I am disengaged and she can't wrap me in her "ailments" while I don't respond. They talked for at least 10 minutes about the latest "ailment" she goes on and on, and he gives the same advice over and over and over. I really do not like this girl if you haven't figured that out by now. 

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And he doesn't want to make them worse. She needs a tough lesson from her parents but they just keep enabling. I think she's terrifying because she not only has a personality disorder, but is quite tall, big, loud and a mini-wife.