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Light at the end of the tunnel? ( I just hope it's not a train !)

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The representative from the college was at our house last night. This is a school that SS says he has wanted to go to since he was 12. The rep asked a lot of questions, we asked a lot of questions, and SS says he wants to do it, the rep qualified him on the spot and we paid the initial $100 to get him registered.Classes start end of April, and he can live with his uncle since his house is about 30 minutes from the school. The school will help him find a part time job while he is going to classes, will help him find a job in the industry when he graduates and will help him find work whenever he is unemployed for the rest of his life !

The school gives random drug tests and if you are positive you are kicked out, no questions asked ( at this point in the discussion I couldn't help myself and added " Hmmm thats just like home, lol)They provide tutoring if he is struggling and in short, everything he needs to suceed will be provided to him. If he wants to do this, it will be all within his grasp. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that he will apply himself to this and it won't be another flash in the pan, usually he will do something for a month or two and get bored or tired of it and quit ( as in his last three jobs ).

I think this will be good for everyone for several reasons:

1. Uncle is in the military and will not put up with any BS. He will not hesitate to jack this kid up and his mom won't be there to "protect" him.

2. It will get SS out on his semi-own, give him some responsibility and goals in life.

3. It will remove him from the household, if only for a year or two and maybe the rest of us can get back to normal instead of constantly arguing over him and the things he does.

So..., I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this works out, it will solve a lot of problems, I hope !


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I think that is great. Sometimes you have to go through a 'detox' in order to understand the true reality of things. Hopefully, he will be able to realize all that is being done for him and take advantage of it. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Keep us posted! Wink