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Example of BM's Crazy!! See if you can figure out the line of reasoning. her spelling and all!

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Tuesday afternoon it begins......

BM: “ And he has a special thing at church wed so visitation. Will have ti be on thursday as eell as since tgings are the eay they are u will have to do oick up at my apartment u can keep him o er night if u like but he has to make it ti summer school friday if ur unable to do that then u eill need to drop him off at my apartment at eight p.m. do to the fact thong arr tight since ur not paying child support i can't affirdgas money to pick him up”

DH: “No i do not agree to that I will pick him up on Wednesday at your apartment at 6pm”

BM: “Not gnna happen he will be attending church as he has since ive had custody”

BM: “He will be attending cakvary baptist church. U do not have him attending church so he eill be going to the same. Church hr has been while ee lived in “CITY” previously. Ee live a christian life and it is in hid best intrrst to continue to attend church. If u refuse it will do nothing but show ur snimisity tieatds me as it eill negatively. Effect our child:

DH: “You need to spell correctly to be sure what you are saying is readable.... and for the Christian life what part of exposing him to an abuser smoking Marijuana and popping opiates driving drunk is a Christian life .... and as for church's this week it's Calvary last time it was new site and I am sure next week there will be another .... Once again I am concerned with your mental state and concept of reality and constant lying please get professional help.....I have spoken with DS I will be there to pick him up Wednesday. ..”

Hehe now this is Wednesday……mind you DH told her above he would pick him up she insisted no it would be Thursday…..see if you can follow this line of thinking??

Beginning at 5:45 pm Wednesday night 15 min before scheduled pickup.

BM: “Can u pick DS uo tinight frim cakvary baptisst i gtta wrk at six a.m. on “CITY”
BM: “Can keep him till Monday”

5:46 pm
DH: “I am in “BM TOWN”

BM: “Call dad. He has DS. Ill pick him up Tommy. At summer school”
BM: “Ill exoect u to drop DS off at summer school in exeter tomorrow morning since ur not oaying child suppirt if u negkect to do so i wipl consider it parental kidnapping”

DH: “its your responsibility to pick DS up”

BM: “Lol ur not oaying chold support if u took him tinught and want him further ithet than ur parenting time u will drop him off or i will have u arrested”

BM: “No billshit no games. U wanna be a dead beat than so be it but ill make surd u pay if u kidnap my sin”

BM: “Son”

BM: “U dint pay child suppirt and i have custody how's that gonna liok ti “Judge last name”. Thinj ur choices out “DH name” cause if u kidnao my son again i will send u to prison”

Unfortunatley SS really wanted to go to summer school today because they were going to the pool at the Y. So DH took him.....would have been fun for a sherriff to show up to arrest DH and Dh show the Sheriff that is was BM responsibility to pick him up.


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Forgot to add he was in a neighbooring town at the batting ranges with his grandpa. His grandpa had no idea DH was picking him up, she didnt even let her father know, and since when are you found at 6:30 pm at batting cages yet supposed to be going to church at 7pm in another town?

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Ha Ha... I'm on a call and have to pee and obviously can't... that almost made me pee my pants...

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True....but sometimes i wonder. My DH will even ask me to try to figure out what she is saying....

I think he should just respond like broken.lost recommended "I have no idea what you are saying"

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What's funny, is that by the time I got down to what YOU wrote, I thought your proper spelling looked weird!

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To Summarize:

First she asks if we can pick him up at church and keep him till monday.

Then DH states i am already in town he was heading to get him at her apartment.

It then degrades into you have to get him from my dad, you have to bring him back tonight if you dont take him to summer school tomorrow. If you dont i will call the police and have you arrested. If you kidnap my son I will send you to prision.

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Just so y'all know, the cops can't do anything even with a custody order already signed and printed out for them. We had this problem last week when our BM refused to drop off SS2 at the scheduled CO time set by the judge and signed by all. The cops only get involved in civil or traffic incidents not domestic. Unless theirs violence occurring of course. But honestly we have found out that BM/you don't have to follow the CO at all and the only thing that can happen is that the other parent can file a motion that you are in contempt of court but calling the cops does absolutely nothing.

Next time you should let her call the cops and let them deal with her and her mental state. Hopefully they catch her high or using and then you won't even have to deal with her because she be in jail.

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Actually they wont do anything if the custodial parent refuses. She has in fact called the police on DH before when we had him on a time they previously agreed on and then we show up to the Rodeo that she demanded he go to and low and behold cops show up and ask my DH to leave as it is not his court ordered time.

That one single act 2 years ago is why we are embroiled in the hell we are now.

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You would THINK that a COURT ORDER would be treated and enforced as a law. Unfortunately, that is not the case. And then they wonder why the court docket is so full!

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That seriously looks like a text from twuntzilla. unintelligible and incoherent.

FDH will just reply with "Spell check" or "Try again" or "Are you speaking in tongues again?"

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see when i read them i didnt even see the tight thong!! oh man now i am gonna have to admit to dh that i posted this so I can show him what it says hehe.

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So Broken.lost did your DH get the RO for similar texts? She texts him shit like this all the time. Have been considering a RO. How does it work in case of emergency etc.

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I feel dumber for having read that. Lol I'll point out that the way to read it though is to skim it - just let your eyes drift over it and it actually "translates" in your head. (Like those chain mail things, have you seen those? Where they say as long as all the letters are there you can read it? Tihs is an eamxlpe.) Although even with that I had to go back and look more closely a couple times.

My SDs cousins (on BM's side) write FB posts like this. I generally think they're hysterical. Wink

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My Ex-husband texts EXACTLY like this! It used to confuse me and irritate me but now I correct him. For example:

EH-Wat time do u wunt "daughters name"
Me: WHAT* time do YOU* want "daughter's name"

Me: BD has an event at school on this date at this time, hope you can attend.
EH: I cnt cum sory

I do this all the time to him and he still spells the same words wrong over and over but correcting him makes me laugh!

Do you think that BM is F'd up on drugs or is she just that stupid and can't spell?????

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I know!!!! When he does that it just makes me want to throw up a little bit. I hate him to start with so seeing CUM on my phone from him makes my skin crawl!

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SD7's BM is a raging moron also, but at least she lives with her mummy and can have HER proof read text messages.

I feel dreadfully sorry for you and your DH, having to deal with this shit.