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Am I trying to be too accomodating??

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Quick history...

BM agreed to joint legal/joint physical where DH took over custodial parent in July.

BM did not have contact with SS for 2 months.

Then BM Dad arranged with DH for SS to see BM and him at local restaurant for 1.5 hours. Now BM is ordered to arrange all changes in visitation through OFW which she refuses to do. DH told BM dad that was the only exception he was allowing so SS could see BM was at least still alive.

That day BM stated she was going to a local shelter known as a domestic violence shelter, but specifically told me "I am checking in to Xplace, but not for rehab".... so I looked it up sure enough they do drug and alcohol rehab.
The following Friday she text dh (against OFW order) that she checked herself in (DH did not reply). Now this so happened to be Friday when she was supposed to appear in court on 2 possession charges the next monday, as well as a persistent DWI charge....ironic right???

Now BM is in "violence shelter" and her Dad has text DH and logged on to his grandparent account and requested to "take SS to visit BM on SS Bday"
DH replied on OFW that he was more than welcome to see SS on his birthday, but that he was not to act as a intermediary for BM, all communication between himself and DH was to be in regards to his seeing SS and not BM's visitation. That it was required that BM make arrangements to see SS herself through OFW (we had ALOT of he said she said, and afraid of what would come of her Dad trying to make alternate arrangements). He left it at that.

Court order states BM can pick up SS if accompanied by licensed driver.....BM wont be with her DAD if he shows to pick him up (it is her year to have SS on his Bday, however she is in rehab we think and claims to not have access to internet or a smart phone so she "cant use the app", and DH does not want to budge an inch on the court order and how visitation is supposed to be arranged/changed.

Now the question.....

I feel he is being to harsh and it could be viewed bad later? Thoughts..... he is technically strictly following the court order. I just need some peace of mind :?

Everything....literally everything that SS does DH posts to OFW grade cards, pictures, awards, medical visits, activity sign up sheets etc.


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haha yep i just confirmed they do provide limited internet access to clients that do not have thier own internet access.... heheheh.