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SS5 to me: "BM lets me drag my train on her windows....this is not your house SM, it's dady's house"

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As we were getting ready for me to take the ssons to preschool/daycare this morning, ss5 was playing with his toy train and dragging it across the living room window.

Me: ss5, please don't drag your train on the window
ss5: Why SM, why?
Me: Because it will scratch the window
ss5: BM lets me drag my train on her window
Me: This is not BM's house. We have different rules here in this house.
ss5: This is not your house SM, it's daddy's house.
Me: Actually, this is SM and Daddy's house
ss5: it's daddy's and SM, and ss4 and my house!


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I suspected as much. lately BM has been on a warpath and a mission to make me jealous I guess? Just last week she wrote an email to DH telling him to remember that her, DH, and the ssons are a family and I'm the outsider. And that was on the same day ss5 came back from her house with a drawing of BM, ss4, ss3 and DH and insisted on putting it on MY fridge.

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Please tell me your DH ripped her a new one for that email. OMG what a fucking BITCH! Reminds me of our BM, who for as long as I can remember kept CLARIFYING to my DH, that "THEIR KIDS WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT MATTERED" and that UFR was nobody.
Sighs...don't you wish she fell under a moving bus?

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I already told DH and he says he'll talk to him when he get home. I'm not sure how that conversation will go but we'll see.

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LOL oldone. When SD says things like "I don't have to make my bed in my house." I will admit that I say things like "And that is why THIS house isn't a pigsty." }:)

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Ugh, do I ever remember those days, those horrible awful days. Skid used to do that to me, I would do as you said to do above, then get the toy chunked at my head, cussed at, I would put him in time out, he'd tear shit up, cuss some more, absolutely no way to get him to mind. So, he no longer exists to me as much as I can possibly make it so.

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Echo, explaining things to him is a bad habit that both DH and I have to stop. ss5 is at the age where his response to almost everything is why. Go get ready for bed-why? go put on your jacket-why? grandma and grandpa are on Skype come say hello to them -but why? go wash your hands so we can eat dinner-why? It's super annoying to say the least.

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At 5, he likely doesn't know who pays the bills or about mortgages or deeds. But this is a perfect time to start introducing the concepts of working to help pay for the house and maintaining it to him on a small scale and level he can understand. At his age, he probably does genuinely think that the house belongs to all of you since you all live there.

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LOL - oh yes and it doesn't end. I have been with DH since SS was 3, I doubt he can even remember daddy living with mommy.

I heard SS7 almost 8 telling BD8 this week that when Daddy marries his mom that BD8 and SM and BD13 will have to move because we will no longer have anywhere to live.

He went on and on. Kudos to BD8 - she said, that won't happen, people don't marry people they don't like and that his mom should find a new husband who likes her - LMFAO.

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BD deserves an extra big ice cream sundae and SS deserves to sit and watch her eat it all. }:)

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Hahaha my kids will actually answer each other AND SO's kids when they ask me why someone will always pipe up "because she said so that's why" it drives me nuts because I'm the adult and can say it myself but I also know it's made an impression. Or I'll say "This is not a democracy it's a momocracy that's why" then there's "because I don't negotiate with terrorists that's why your grounded/in time out/butt is sore end of discussion" take your pick

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I so want the authority you ladies have in your homes. I haven't lived in the house very long and SO's just not ready for me to have that authority. I'm trying to be patient.

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You don't wait for authority to be GIVEN to you. You TAKE it.

Like StepAside says, watch Caesar Milan on Dog Whisperer. Do you think the leader of the pack waits around for the OTHER dogs/wolves to give them the position??

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Take it. You will be waiting around forever, otherwise. Nobody has that kind of patience. He invited you in, didn't he? Just take it.

If SO is truly not ready for you to have any authority, then he had no business asking you to move in.

Men are weird. A lot of times, they actually want you to have that authority, they just don't feel right giving it. Belly up to the bar, girlfriend.

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Onefootout, in my experience it makes a difference if the apt/house you're living in is his or yours together. I moved in with DH before we got married and although he encouraged me to have an equal say in the house, I didn't feel like I had the complete authority because it was his house, no matter how much he tried to make me feel at home, I always felt like a guest and felt uncomfortable. Now that we bought this house and are living here, I totally feel more free to set the boundaries and rules. I now feel at home therefore I'm more comfortable to say yes or no because it is MY house too, not just DH.