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Heartless people! </3 I have a new fur baby

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My cousin has been looking at houses in her area (about an hour away from me), and one of them, she has gone back to more then once. Well, there was a cream colored cat, hanging out around the house, EVERY TIME she went there. It just kept trying to get back into the house, and wasn't afraid of people.

So, she was there on Saturday, and saw the cat again. She picked it up, and found out that it was a neutered male, and it had scratches on it's face. Of course, she came home and messaged me about it on Facebook, because we are both cat lovers.

I couldn't help it, when she described the cat, I asked her if she could keep it at her house until she comes to see me on Friday. She said she couldn't (her dog just had to have an operation, almost had to have his rear leg taken off, so can't handle the stress) but she drove the two hours to my house and back, to bring me the cat.

Cousin was in the car, cat in a crate, playing with it, when she realized that the previous owners had had it de-clawed! Plus it is an almost full grown male that weighed only 3 or 4 pounds. Dr. Greg House (as I have named him) came home and acted like he was STARVING! (Which he probably was.)

He currently lives in the bedroom with Hubby, coming out for 20 minutes every 2 hours, so that he can get used to the petting zoo. He has picked Hubby and SD12 (the first to hand feed him) as his favorite people. However he will let us all love on him, if we want.


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Yea for kitty-savers!!!!!! Thank you for taking in Dr. House. I hope he will be a wonderful addition to your home. Smile

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I once was at a friend's place and saw a Persian cat. A PERSIAN that they had just dumped out when they moved. You KNOW that cat was an indoor cat. He was so frightened of everyone that he had almost turned feral.

Unfortunately, he ate my son's hamster while I was fostering him but that's another story. The hamster and our house cat were good buddies so the hamster didn't realize that the Persian was NOT his buddy.

I found there was a Persian Rescue place in town. Which REALLY ticked me off because those people could have taken the poor kitty THERE instead of just dumping him outside!

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I will never understand why people just dump animals - never. I have 2 outside kitties that I am currently feeding and have set up a couple wooden boxes like a little house for them. Only one is willing to come up to me yet but I know he was a housecat by the flea collar around his neck. (It was getting REALLY tight so it was clearly put on when he was much smaller.) Hopefully he just got out rather than was abandoned.....

Come cold weather we are going to have some choices to make. I already have 3 dogs and 5 cats inside (thanks BM - when she dumped her kids she also dumped 3 cats. It was either take them or they were going to the kill shelter so what could I do?) My friends are threatening to turn me into "Animal Hoarders" if I bring in another animal.....

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Another Step, I have friends who think I over do it, to! I currently have three (four, including the good doctor - I'm not used to counting him, yet!) kitties and three dogs. Then we have a HUGE turtle, and two guinea pigs.

Hubby is always threatening to rehome something or other. Biggrin I tell him to rehome himself. The SDs and I will stay here with our petting zoo! LOL

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Some people just suck! What REALLY bothers me about this cat is that he is so helpless! He is scared of the other cats, the dogs and whatever.

It's amazing how well he seems to be doing, though. He already feels heavier when you hold him!

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Poor baby!!! I'm so happy you saved him!!

I rescued my Penny and my Sheldon too! Smile Thats Penny in my profile picture.

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Awe! Your Penny looks so cute!

Out of all of my pets, 1 was not a rescue in one form or another. I can't believe how heartless some people are!

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Penny is such a ham too! Sheldon just kind of ignores my camera antics unless he is cuddling Papa or chasing the dog.

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<3 Awe! <3 Sd12's Boxer/Akita mix refuses to look at the camera. He is just as camera shy as her! It's cute!