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How do you piss off a cat?

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Oh my gosh, yesterday morning I updated my Iphone -huge mistake !! After I downloaded the new firmware, Apple bricked my phone. I was phoneless/and worse textless for over 6 hours. There was such a huge population trying to download to the new version that Apple couldn't keep up. That was the first bad thing that happened. Finally got it up and working, so I'm texting again - yeah!

Then I don't know what in the world was going on with my cat, but she jumped into my laundry and urinated on my clothes. My husband said he was wondering what that smell was he had noticed in his closet earlier this week. What in the world is up with that? Most disguisting !!!! I can't have this - NO NO NO NO!!!! A person with OCD, cannot handle this. I made a special trip to town to buy pet urine odor remover this morning and ended up with a horrible migrane. Headache better, I'm double washing the clothes with tide and oxycleaner and bleach and softner. Next I have shampoo the carpet in his closet. What was that cat thinking? I have 2 cats.. 1 litter box, guess I'll try getting 2 litter boxes. They stay clean, I just don't understand, how do you tick off a cat so bad that they would do something like that? She's spayed, so I'm sure she didn't just like spray, but she soaked everything in urine!! She wasn't shut in my room or anything? She is very lucky that she is declawed, because my BH would have for sure thrown her out to fend for her own. Any suggestions? Both cats usually get along ok, they run and play together and eat together, I just can't figure it out.

Then, got my car out of the shop, 500 stinking dollars for a window motor, tune-up, and oil change. Geez, - What next?

Just Venting Over Things I Can't Control!!!!

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She was a sweet cat and we never had any problem with her until we moved in with my father to care for him.

My father insisted that she be decawed. She was still a kitten and the vet said she would do fine so I did it. After that she was psyco kitty. She peed on the beds, pooed in the tub, peed on the clean clothes and everywhere else. When we moved out of my father's house it didn't get any better although we had a litter box in everyroom. We ended up having to find her a home with a pet trainer who planned on working with her.

My father's cat the were also decawed did the same thing. My new vet says it sometimes its because of them being declawed. He said that their nails are their most prized possision and they go crazy with out them (kind of like if you chopped of a man's privates)

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Cats often have problems with their kidneys (kidney stones) and this could cause them to urinate in places other than their litter boxes. I had similar trouble with my cat once and the vet said it was most likely a UTI. I also switched her food on his advice...I was feeding her Meow Mix but the vet said Meow Mix was probably the worst thing you can feed your cat. I switched her to Chef's Blend and haven't had a problem since. She now though has liver failure but that is more age related than anything. I'll be glad if she lives through the end of the year.

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That's what I feed my cats, I will try Chef's blend. I'm sorry about your cat's health problem, that is sad. Sasha, my cat's name is Myla and I will be so happy to donate her to you. My BD on the other hand will absolutely freak if we find her a new home, but that would be better than her fate, if she continues this nonsense. I will try to get her to the vet one day this week.
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I agree w/Sasha.. I have had cats all my life. When they go places other than the litter box, they arent feeling good. My cat that did this when I was little had a UTI. She was peeing everywhere, including the walls.

The poor kitty must be not feeling well. Take her/him in to find out what the matter is.. and fast.

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I came home from work and heard MEOW!!!!!!!

Couldn't find her at first, then finally opened the closet door. Of course she sprinted out leaving a trail of cat pee order behind her.

Luckily, she had peed on clothes I had sorted to get rid off so I just tossed them, febrezed the carpet and left the door open a few days.

I don't know about your cat. Any new pets, any issues with the kids or changes in your house lately?

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No changes in the house that I am aware of. This cat is really funny. Since she's been a kitten, she uses her front paws to pick up her food to eat it (kinda like a raccoon) she does the same with water too. I think she is part raccoon or the raised by one. ??? all this puzzles me..

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Have you changed the brand of litter lately? Cats are picky about their litter. Make sure you are cleaning the box often enough and that it's not in a high traffic area. We ended up getting boxes with lids so they had their privacy. Are both cats the same sex? Sometimes cats have to reestablish dominance and spraying is how they do it. I'd have a vet check the cat out and then change food like others have suggested.

also any stray cats around outside? That will cause a cat to start spraying to.