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Bm's constant need for change

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Does anyone else have a BM that seems to crave change? New jobs, new houses, ext. a new interest almost monthly (if not more).

For houses our BM in on the 4 year cycle, meaning she moves about every 4 years and is due to move again soon. The other day there was a for sale by owner sign in her yard now it's gone, not sure if she gave up or sold it.

For careers she is on the 2 to 3 year cycle and due to switch that soon though she has a great job right now, we recently found out that she has started her own 'business' making tutu's for little girls. She claims she recently sold 50 of them for $10 each (yet she still has no money). Like her last home business I don't see this lasting or being profitable long term though I could see her quoting her good job to pursue it none the less. Now I have seen some of her craft work and I can't imagine the tutus being worth that much. She used to do a lot of 'home made' gifts for DH and while sweet they were not out together well. And I have seen her home reneivation projects as well, most had to be re-done.

For boyfriends/husband she is on the 4 to 7 year plan and has recently been out on the town looking for husband number 3, even though she is still married to number 2. Hey it's what she did to DH.

Point is I see a lot of change in skids future because of BM. Poorly little guys.

On a side note as a SAHM I have a lot of 'projects' that could make money but I look at them as more of hobbies like crafting, painting, art, and writing.


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Our BM needs a new job all the time. She moved to another state 4 years ago. With in 4 years she has had 6 jobs. So many jobs that when she applied for a "big" job they turned her around and told her she wasnt being considered because she had shifted and changed jobs so much. So for now she has stayed put about 8 months.

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Constant need for change could mean that she is running from something or even the law...My mom made us move nonstop and I later learned that she had warrants out for her arrest. You can look up most of which if you suspect it could be the case.

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BM doesn't necessarily crave change, she is just a loser and a whore.

One has no choice but to constantly move, if one constantly gets evicted. And if one is tired of moving back in with Mommy, one must have a steady stream of boyfriends/husbands. She also changes jobs a lot, but that is due to her just getting tired of working, hence the men.

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sounds more like cycling thru manic phases instead of just "craving change"

And as with most serious bipolars, there is a tendency for them to cycle more quickly if not treated.

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The BM we have to deal with changes everything, constantly. She's moved house so many times in the last few years I've lost count and she's never held a job longer than 6 months. Changed boyfriends a few times too. She seems to fear consistency.