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Wish me luck.....

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I have to leave this Saturday to take SD15 back to our home state to testify against her SD (step-dad) next Wednesday (refer to previous blogs to understand why). Well for the past few weeks....BM has been trying to plan a bunch of stuff to do with SD15 for the short 3 1/2 days we will be in town. (It takes 2 days to get there) And every time I asked about getting SD11 while I'm there, BM would blow me off. (little insight...BM finally signed the custody paper 2 weeks ago after waiting almost 4 months, so BM has custody of SD11 and DH & I have custody of SD15) Well the other night after SD15 hung up the phone from talking to BM, SD15 started almost having an anxiety attack and kept rambling about the different things BM wants to do while she is there for the hearing. SD15 repeatedly told DH & I that all she wants to do when SD15 & I get there, is spend time with our family & a few of her close friends and relax. SD15 doesn't want to have to worry about anything because of the hearing. So I made DH call BM the next day while SD15 was school. I told DH, now that BM signed that paper, BM has to listen to you or you can deny BM seeing SD15 on this trip because it is not a scheduled visitation (the custody agreement includes visitation, due to DH & I living in another state 1100 miles from BM). So, DH called BM at her work....he started off by saying "I'm sorry to bother you at work, but we need to talk." He then proceeded to tell BM about the night before after SD15 hung up from talking to BM. After a few minutes, DH said "OK, I would appreciate it. Because SD15 doesn't need anymore stress put on her right now. SD15 has enough to deal with when she arrives there next week" and he hung up. I asked DH what BM said. DH said that BM would talk with SD15 over the weekend and tell SD15 that the only thing BM would like for them to do is have a new Christmas picture done so it is back in time for Christmas. Other than that they will just spend time together. DH then said...."I tried it the nice way and if BM doesn't quit then I'll have to do it the mean way". So I decided to e-mail BM on Monday and tell BM what the plans are so far for the 3 1/2 days we will be in town. I told BM what day we should get there, then told BM what days SD15 could spend the night with her, and then asked to get SD11 & told BM what day and times I would like to get SD11. To my surprise, BM actually agreed to everything I told her that was going to happen while we are there and agreed to let me have SD11 when I asked for. BM's exact words were "Sounds good to me." This is the first time in 10 years that BM has actually cooperated with us and I'm hoping it continues. Because I like it. I just hope that BM does what she said she is going to do next week and doesn't make it a living hell for me. Because it is just me & SD15 going. DH & BS11 are staying here. Due to DH's work and BS11's school troubles right now. So, wish me luck. I'll let everyone know how the trip went when we get back home next Friday (Dec. 4th).