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We Win in Court Again

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Well BM lost again in court, nothing was granted to her and now we have the boys 90% of the time. What is she thinking she moved to Florida from San Diego and only calls the boy at the advice of the Mediator and that’s only twice a week and only been for the last month. So judge denied her request for any physical custody, denied her request that we pay half of travel expenses for them to see her on holidays which they refuse to see her anyways so good luck with that one BM….. lets see FSA force unwilling children on a plane. Judge also said if she wants to see them she needs to come back to San Diego to do so on her own dime. She can’t even pay her child support payment or provide for herself she has to mooch off her family members.

All I have to say is pay back is a B I T C H now get your live together and stop blaming the world for the problems you created!


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That's awesome...that's what happens when they get stupid AND greedy. They think they have you by the back fired huh. Good News!!!

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I have one question. Is she paying you guys CS? If not are they going to garnish her wages ones she gets a job?

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That's Another court date coming soon but this court wouldn't hear it because we assigned it the the CS Agency, less hassel for us to collect. One payment in 6th months. They just found her employer last month so we have gotten one payment of $150.00 for last month and we are suppose to be getting almost $700.00 Oh well at least the agency will be making her pay for all medical coverage which that by it self will end up bing min $200.00 per month.

The agency is demanding Medical because she committed medical fraud and said she lived in CA using my husband parents address, for all her kids even ones that don't belong to my husband.

She is just overall stupid and I am glad this is coming to an end.

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OH, and just wait until they garnish her income tax refund, if she's due for one!! My brother went through so much crap from his ex-wife. She was ordered to pay $100 a month in child support, when my brother was finally awarded FULL custody of his son. His ex was stupid enough to say in court, "So what if I quit my job, then do I have to pay it?" Judge looked at her and said, "If you quit your job I'll throw your ass in jail, young lady. You are able to work, and your son deserves more than $100 a month but that's all I'm gonna award right now."

THEN she told my brother that it was 'her year' to claim their son on the tax form. He told her, "You can't do that anymore--because I have FULL custoday." She told him he was wrong. He called the IRS, who asked for HER SSN and they flagged her account. So when she did file, and claimed their son, she got nothing back. Then another year she tried it again. Again, my brother called the IRS and told them the same thing. He also mentioned she was in arrears with child support. "No Problem..." and they started garnishing her tax refunds until she was caught up!

In my DH's divorce decree, he is awarded every year to claim his child because he pays a majority of the child support--94% to her measley 6%.

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Judge already told her that we get to claim them every year since we have custody of them and the CS agency has already flagged her for taxes(standard here) but if she tries to claim them and gets money back it will just come our way and she will have to figure out how to pay the IRS back. I hope that's what she does!!!! collecting arrears slowly is a pain.

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I am so happy I read a happy story - I was starting to freak out about our issue

way to go! congrats!!!

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Good for you guys Shell. San Diego courts are so prevy to stuff BMs pull. Its one of the reasons why I love it here.

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Doing the Happy Dance for you!! Karma is so great, isn't it?!

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