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Thanks to you all for your support.  I cried myself to sleep. I'm trying to get up this morning but I don't know if.i can..I'm hurt and feel alone sitting here but I'm going to try my best to get through this day...thanks for the love!!


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I took the advice and went to visit a friend today! Felt good just a long drive. Loved the fresh air. I ignored the dirty house the lazy guys on the couch the pile of dirty laundry and didn't even cook! Hmmmm....well see what will happen tomorrow when I do the same.  But my room is clean I have snacks my favorite pjs and Mask with Cher! First time ever!!!!! I admit I a little annoyed at the wreck of a house but imma let them figure it out!!! Thanks everyone! Really thanks!

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We're here for you darlin. Go fight the good fight until you figure out a different fight to fight.

You need to get out more I saw on your last blog post that that really helped. talk to other people and build yourself a network outside of this toxic environment you've become entangled in. And don't look to your man or your SS for validation.. they won't give it. Bless.

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Thanks! I did just that today! Scrounged up some change borrowed a car and went to see my friend! I did it! And I don't feel guilty! Upset the house is dirty stinks and piles of dishes...hmmmni didn't cook! I came home checked the blog grabbed some treats a movie and chilling with my dog! First time I felt free! They stunned door is locked and I'm in my happy place! Thanks! 

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Thanks for the update. So glad you're taking suggestions, taking positive action, and enjoying the benefits! You are worth it.