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Loving myself

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Wow! Loving Yourself is easy when you let it happen.  I've struggled for so long..controlling my PTSD and Depression has been a journey! But I'm not giving up! I've been doing well..even though the SO is having silent moments.  But its making them think.  I'm smiling more! I even put on alittle make up. My pottery is working know I am actually happy! It took many years many therapists and a lot of tears but I'm here! I'm alive! OMG!!!



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Hello everyone! I finally have minutes! I took all your advice put on my big girl pants and......

I focused on my art! I made 6 beautiful pottery that I sold and was recommended split the bills down the middle and disengaged myself!

I created my own little sanctuary and dwelling in it! I spoke with my SO. He was upset but willing to accept my actions.  Hmmmm.....

Thanks everyone!

I'm trying I'm only human.  I make mistakes but I  do them from the heart!

I'm done

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Well peeps..the high only lasted a few days..Disengaging  has helped some. It sucks to watch the lil jerk get away with so much! And he loves it! I can't even stand to look at him..hearing his voice is even worse.

His stench is crossing the hallway...our guests are grossed out..yet nothing changes 

I need money for my phone to do my business and my jerk boyfriend won't help! What hurts is he put minutes on the lil shits phone????All my money goes to the Bill's! Stuff for the house tissue, detergent etc. Shit I can't even get a decent bra!!! I wash my hair with body soap...

First time

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First time ever I took chance had a wonderful day! I'm in my happy place tonight my valentine's to myself.  (Of course I recieved nothing.) Brat couldn't take his own meds split on his dad..he wallowing alone in the mess...dirty dishes stinky laundry I'm locked in clean room. My favorite pjs a great movie and comfort snacks! Yikes! First step! Baby steps! Love ya all!!!



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Thanks to you all for your support.  I cried myself to sleep. I'm trying to get up this morning but I don't know if.i can..I'm hurt and feel alone sitting here but I'm going to try my best to get through this day...thanks for the love!!


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Another day gone by. My visit with my daughter and granddaughter was super cool..lots of laughs. We had a great time.

Of course the little jerk started his crap and we ended up ending the fun early.  The truancy officer sent home a note.  Can you believe he let him write notes for the days he missed.  I didn't know he had 21 days of doctors visits????WTF??? Bam! Another wall. Even the school just letting him slide by? 

So I sit here...with my band of happy dogs. Frustrated that the day ended the way it did! It's a 4 day weekend...uh its gonna be hell. 

Like minded peeps!

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My first entry to any blog! Yay! I'm new here but was struggling tryna find some comfort. My stepson is a little jerk! 5yr battle after battle! Often lost in my thoughts as to how children have changed! I have health issues epilepsy and chronic kidney stones! And now DEPRESSION! YUP! I thought I was strong and that I could bulldoze right through life. I'm a fighter and a lover. But the past months have only gotten harder. His manipulative behavior has destroyed my relationship with his father.  I'm an old school mom with old school rules and discipline.