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My first entry to any blog! Yay! I'm new here but was struggling tryna find some comfort. My stepson is a little jerk! 5yr battle after battle! Often lost in my thoughts as to how children have changed! I have health issues epilepsy and chronic kidney stones! And now DEPRESSION! YUP! I thought I was strong and that I could bulldoze right through life. I'm a fighter and a lover. But the past months have only gotten harder. His manipulative behavior has destroyed my relationship with his father.  I'm an old school mom with old school rules and discipline. Simple do your chores and lifes kosher! But my dude thinks I'm a hard ass and always picking on his lazy son. When I might add lies,steals, talks back, hides food and yes still wets the bed! I've taken him to doctors psychiatrist and well they all say he's fine. He has ADD which his dad denies. He's failing in school and runs to biomom to escape doing chores! He loves watching us argue and to be honest he has always been why we fight! So after this last argument I just stepped back. I had a seizure and I think he enjoyed watching.  Weird I'm not afraid of him just don't want him around me or anything I do. He's selfish and once destroyed a piece of art I made! I just need to know I'm not alone when I cry!


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Yes! Many many times! He enjoys it! Often acting more like a 3yr old to get his dad's attention. 

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You are obviously in a bad way - and expressed some quite extreme feelings in your biog on your profile page, which makes me think that maybe, because your physical and mental health is at risk, that you should maybe consider a separate living space for yourself so that you can get rid of a big chunk of the stress (if not all) and start to heal a little bit.    To be honest, your partner sounds like he is a big cause of the SS problems, being unwilling to parent the boy properly and accusing you of picking on him when you try to make up for DH's failings as a parent.   

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I've separated 3x. I come back and it's good for a spell.  It looks good then the little jerk starts all over again! I'm in therapy. It helps. Believe me I'm exhausted! I'm understanding more about myself and how it hurts to say goodbye. 

In all honesty..we are happy and function great when he's gone. Its weird how upon his return the shit hits fan. Like instant! This energy follows him and he loves it??

I stay because I don't give up. And my daughter and granddaughter are attached to my boyfriend. Like I  said we all function well when he's gone! ????