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OT-ish Dear Zachary

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When DH went to bed I went on a movie binge last night

I'm not sure why I watched Dear Zachary again. Watched it before I was a step mom a few years back. Watching it as a step mom I basically rage cried throughout the entire thing.

If you've never watched it there's a very pointed argument of how much the legal system favors moms even when they are absolutely bat sh--


Probably not a fitting day for something like that as it's BMs Christmas ( new this year agreement.. :/) and after watching all I wanted to do was make sure SD7 was ok last night instinct wise after watching. 

On a lighter note ; merry Christmas and happy holidays step talk! 


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Lady, well at least it sounds like you are a caring stepmom.   That's alot more than alot of kids get.   I hope you keep caring;  kids with divorced parents need a friend and a stepmom can definitely be that, combined with a bit of love and discipline, if needed when the bio-parent isn't there.   I used to get angry because I would tell my son to do something and my husband, the stepdad, would repeat it.   It's like, I just told him to do that - I don't need you to repeat it.   ugh.

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Devastating story and a sobfest for me when I rewatch it. Couldn't do it today, I'm crying at listening to Christmas music as it is. LOL

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That story reminded me so much of Satan that I researched it online and found several long articles about the court case and history of that psychopath.  Shirley had two adult children from a previous marriage, and she mooched off the daughter.  It's a chilling read.