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Another day gone by. My visit with my daughter and granddaughter was super cool..lots of laughs. We had a great time.

Of course the little jerk started his crap and we ended up ending the fun early.  The truancy officer sent home a note.  Can you believe he let him write notes for the days he missed.  I didn't know he had 21 days of doctors visits????WTF??? Bam! Another wall. Even the school just letting him slide by? 

So I sit here...with my band of happy dogs. Frustrated that the day ended the way it did! It's a 4 day weekend...uh its gonna be hell. 

It's snowing here. I asked him to chop wood.  Of course he didn't I did! He didn't do a dam thing but sit on the couch and watch movies. His bedroom smells like piss it's so pungent you can smell it across the 100ft trailer. I swear he has no sense of smell.

I'm sorry I'm complaining..but Grrrrrr......


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I'm not sure what he thinks. Lazy? He buys a.13yr old diapers! He says he tells him. My partner has spina bifida but not disabling. He can function well. He has occasional accidents. He thinks it's ok for his son to have them too. Why???? Idk there ain't a dam thing wrong with him! Urology neurology etc...he just fat and lazy like his mom. He don't even bathe! Idk how he can stand himself! My washer stinks too! I hafta disinfect after he uses it and even then his clothes stink but he still wears them! Idk...I'm lost here???


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I don't think your partner should be given a pass on parenting his child... even if he has some disability.

I personally would not be staying in that place.. sounds horrid.

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I have a big heart.  I ask myself that alot. I had courage at one time. Maybe I can gain enough strength to walk alone.