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OT - Anyone switch from Synthroid to Armour?

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I am hypothyroid. I was doing okay on Levoxyl and then the company recalled their meds due to dosing issues. I was put on the same dose of Synthroid and holy crap.....stress went up, weight went up, hair started falling out again, insomnia, eye sight issues (focusing & sensitivity to light).

Obviously there is a dosing and a med issue here.

I have an appointment next Friday and I want to be switched to Armour. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!


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Hey Shaman, just curious how long you've been on the Synthroid? I know for me, it took my body a little while (at least a few weeks or more) to adjust (had similiar side effects) and then now feel great on it.

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Hey Trading, I'm on month #2. Every day is worse than the day before. In fact, I feel like I have a combo of hyper and hypothyroid symptoms. It's very annoying.

I did a little more research and found that former Graves patients (like myself) seem to thrive taking Armour Thyroid. In face nearly every positive patient review was from someone that had their thyroid irradiated or removed due to cancer. I think those of use that are hypothyroid due to surgery or RAI have a different reaction to the synthetic thyroid rather than the natural one.

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I take 180mg of Armour/day. It saved my life. I was able to convince my GP to give it to me even though my T4 was "normal", because my body temp was so low. I think I have a deficiency in the way the T4 gets changed to T3, so Armour (which has both) does a great job for me. I had all the symptom plus extremely heavy bleeding with periods, all resolved now. I saved enough on tampons to pay for the meds.