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Even BM thinks SD is entitled (no sympathy, she made her that way)

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Last year my husband and I went to Europe while I was pregnant (about halfway) and spent a week with another couple that we are friends with. We stayed at their house and caught up with our good friends, tit was more of a visit than a touristy vacation. It was our last chance to hang out with them without the baby. 

Sd12 has had a chip on her shoulder for almost a whole year now because we didn't take her with us. BM even thinks SD is being a spoiled brat about this, though... BM would have had to be the one to tell SD that we had traveled because we never told her or rubbed it in. So BM made SD a spoiled brat and told her what she missed out on and then complained to DH about how she reacted? Sounds like you made your own problem BM.

DH and I are both in agreement that SD doesnt get to just see us for parties and vacations. He's actually fine with SD keeping her distance from us, there is no winning over this preteen brat unless you drop loads of money to buy her affection.

Apparently SD is really struggling being at home. It turns out her friends don't want to talk to her because she has a crappy personality. In person she is popular because she flexes brand name everything, seriously she is a walking billboard of logos and acts like she is better than everyone. It turns out that no one cares about your brand name clothes when we have to socialize remotely. Serves the little snot right.

Anyone else have stepkids who are being ignored by their friends? 


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always having the name brands, etc.  Dh and I joke that SS will be ghetto know the ones that live in a sh*t hole they can barely afford one step from eviction, electric/water turned off right and left but they are wearing gucci, prada, Yeezy (how ever the heck you spell it) that barely runs but has shiny rims etc.  All flash and no substance. 

SS is failing school and has one friend who is his weed/drug supplier/co-hort.  So there you go...

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SD wanted yeezys andfand Steph Curry's for Christmas. Basically if it's got a logo or a celebrity name on it she wants it. No shoes below $100 for this princess!

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Yup that's the stuff Little Idiot blows all of her minimum wage money on (well back when she had a job). 

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Same here SD is not a nice person at all. I was always appalled at the way she treated her friends.  She is so bossy, has to be the center of attention and she is just down right rude. She didn't have friends when I met her, matter of fact she always had conflicts and drama with the kids in school. But, finally started having friends because of all the nice things SM got her plus all the fun places SM would take her and her friends.  So far she hasn't had much social contact since school ended, and I cant wait to see how well next school year turns out for her since good old SM cut her ungrateful butt off. It would take a lot of groveling,  tears, and whole change of attitude before I forget her looking me right in the eye and telling me the only one who loves her or does anything for her is her mother!!! The problem is I am the type of person who is happy to make that statement come true.

It will be more fun to see how it plays out that YSD will still get all those nice things, while mean bully OSD who humiliates her in school daily telling her to go F-ing kill herself when she comes up to OSD at school has nothing but what awesome BM gets her.

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We have the same thing. Anytime DH and I go somewhere, BM, SSs, and DH's family think SSs are "entitled" to the same trip. We went on a European cruise for our honeymoon and all of a sudden SSs kept saying they wanted to go on a cruise. Then MIL told us how much SSs wanted to go to Europe. I told her, "I guess they better start saving their pennies." The nerve. I didn't go to Europe until I could pay for the trips myself.

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MIL can take SSs on the trip if she is so sure they want to go. She can indulge their wants.