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Update to my last post about CCTB

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In my last post about Child Tax benefit, long story short BM owes back half what she received in the last 3 years back to the CRA (equivalent of IRS in Canada) and I got the half our home should have received.

Turns out, she suckered DH into signing a letter stating SS was only in our home officially week on week off since July 2019.

First off..."officially" it's been since end of October 2019. On paper. Signed by both parents.

So, about 6 weeks ago I received a letter from them saying they were reversing their decision, and that I had to pay back what they'd sent me.

I had to laugh at this point... because according to dh, she begged him to sign it so she wouldn't owe that money back. Him, being an idiot, didn't think it would affect what I got... 

I pulled out all the documented schedule changes over the last few years... and made him sign each page. I also pulled out the email exchanges with the lawyer (who is my mom, BM doesn't know that) and essentially sent back to the CRA that though DH signed that the kid had been week on week off since July 2019, in reality it was much more than that and proceeded to list out pretty much month by month the times SS has been here.

In the letter, it indicates that his signing off on "officially week on week off since July 2019" was in NO WAY meant to dismiss the prior information about where SS was the rest of the time.

I guess she got another letter that she wasn't happy about.. . Because the 14k or so she previously owed that magically went away once she sent the letter signed by dh was now back, including an extra 3k or so. 

I got a letter saying that the 9k or so that I'd have to owe back has been balanced according to the new information received and I'm to be receiving an additional 1500 on top of the 9k or so they sent me.

Of course, she FLIPPED. How dare I make my husband sign off on that schedule..  etc.. well....for starters... because that's what happened. Here's a copy of all the proof. Here's a bunch of date stamped emails to the lawyer about each custody change, because I'm not a moron and I documented

She's beyond screwed. Meanwhile... we're enjoying having a little more savings for post secondary education.

What a twat.


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Yes, document document document. I try to document with notes, and have files with screenshots on big things.

Bet your DH is happy he has you.

I had DH get Toxic Troll to sighn a form stateing that for tax year 2019 she was waiving rights to claim munchkin. So we could claim her.

Now with the child $ based on dependent claim, we got kiddo and she might owe the IRS because they went off her 2018, because she never filed 2019, because no job. Waiting for karma bus to hit.

And when DH made his last alimony payment she signed that he was paid in full.

GREAT JOB - you win the documentation trail awards Biggrin

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Amazing!! I have no idea why your DH continues buying into BM that way, but thank god for your documentation. I’d still be pissed with him though, why on earth would he think there’d be no fallout from that.