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Stressed and fed up - rant!!!

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I'm so fed up today. My mother has cancer and is seriously ill, my 18 yo daughter has serious depression, I have my own health problems plus a lot of stress at work at the moment. So am I unreasonble for expecting my ss's 7, 8 & 14 not to whine, cling, squabble, tell tales, attention seek, bully each other, tell lies and have tantrums? I didn't want to enter my own home after work today, as I could hear one of them crying and whining and I knew I just wouldn't be able to cope with it today. It went on for over half an hour so I sat in my office, which is next door to my living room, (though I could still hear the racket), and just hid in there until they finally shut up. DH is fairly strict with them but seems oblivious to a lot of their behaviour and it's really getting me down at the moment. I withdrew from discipline a long time ago after oldest SS whined to dad about how I was so mean.... and dad sided with him, plus I don't see why I should have to deal with all the crap, they're not my kids and it's up to their parents to parent them properly, not me. I'm dreading hearing the news that my mother's cancer is terminal and all I have to put up with is 3 whiny, annoying brats who are incapable of normal behaviour. I can't stand the little things at the moment... toothpaste spit all over the bathroom, pee all over the bathroom floor, fruit peel and various other food debris all over the house and dh is oblivious!!!! I've tried talking to him and he improves for a couple of days then goes back to his normal oblivious self, letting their little messes build up all over the house until the next time I tell him. I know the kids had a rough time with their BM as she's a psycho loser, but my daugher also had a rough time with her psycho dad (my ex) and never behaved like that. Although BM is a horrible person, I live for the times they go there for contact and leave me in peace for a few days. Grrrrr!!!


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I am so sorry to hear about your mom! I am such a momma's girl I can't even imagine!! I hope you find some peace in all this stress.