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Almost laughable but it is so very sad

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SO takes SS to pitching lessons every other Sunday, but SS has started baseball practice at school on Saturdays. Which means SS is pitching on Saturdays and you should only be throwing so many times in so many days. Pitching coach canceled the lessons for today because why bother. SO said that is upset because at least he gets to spends a few minutes in the car with SS. Let me tell you I had to be in the car with SS yesterday for a few minutes and the way his mouth was so smart arse towrds his dad was unbearable. When SS got out SO said that is how he is alway talking to him and that is how he talks to the pitching and batting coaches.  SO also said if he talks to his friends this way no wonder they don't want to be around him. I don't know why I am still dumbfounded why he doesn't correct the behavior and now he admittedly wants to spend $50 for this treatment to run him to lessons and is sulking because of it. 


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The sun rises and sets over SS.   Unfortunately, this does SS no good, He's not parenting SS,  Teachers him to be a person, someone the world will want to deal with.  As SS burned his bridges with other people. The other people do have to deal with his cra*  SS. will have less and less friends and bond with DH more   

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Love what you said...still dumbfounded why he doesn't correct the behavior... I  think all of us SPs are constantly feeling this. It looks like it's a pattern with these BPs... the feel guilt and fear. Guilt about their SKs being spawns of a divorce . Fear of SKs not loving them because of discipline and consequences.  SKs are very manipulative. They wrap both BPs around their fingers and play them against each other. I've seen it firsthand... and when I call it ou to my SO... helll breaks loose against me. So my response after to being to hell over and over for 7 years is DISENGAGE... took too long to learn but getting there...

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Also, I heard once that a therapist told some wise words to my SS, which applies to all SSs. He said to him: " when you are a child your bad behavior will have consequences at home. If they don't then your bad behavior when you are an adult will have consequences outside and society will make you pay." 

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This seems correct. SS is not told he needs to correct this behavior. He did not go anywhere Friday or Saturday with friends(which he has always been with friends on weekends). He is being babied by mommee and daddee because they feel so Bad for him. But he is being taught the lesson by his friends and that to me is worse. 

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You are dumbfounded by your SO tolerating this crap from shis shit spawn because SO is a dumbass for tolerating it.

That kid should have dad's foot so far up his ass that he would have a snivvling twitching breakdown for even thinking of spouting his smart ass disrespectful crap.

Dad needs to stop sacrificing himself for 30mins of abuse from his spawn while being beck and call Uber daddy.


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I try not to be at any of these drop off or pickups so that I can just avoid the nastiness of it all. I can't stand hearing SO try to make stupid conversation, I can't stand every word SS says being smart ass , and I especially can't stand seeing SO just sit and take it. I had no choice this weekend . SO said this is how he always is. I point blank said do not ever again get mad at me for not talking to SS. SO always says I am mean because I don't talk . If I talk to him and he comes back at me with that attitude I will let him have it. No child will ever speak to me that way. I said so you tell me what way you want it.