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Heading home for the holidays!!!!!!!!!! :)

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I have to work for another 2 hours then it's home to meet DH, have a quick roll in the hay and then it's off to the airport for my flight home to Detroit for 10 days. I'm a little more than excited!!!

Feeling sad that DH isn't coming with me this year, but all of his family (and SD14) is here, all of mine (and my DD14) are in Michigan. He knew from the first week we met that I go up every year at Christmas and I gave him the option to join me or not. Last year he went with me to meet everyone for the first time. This year, he chose to stay in Denver due to having SD for the holidays...however; he's regretting that choice now that SD doesn't want to spend any time with him. Airline tickets are far too expensive to buy now and he's kicking himself in the ass for thinking things would turn around with SD.

He'll likely end up with his dad, brother and grandparents over the holidays. His best friend also invited him over their place as well. He won't be lonely except at night when he's home alone with just the cat and fish to keep him company. This will be the longest we've been apart in 2 yrs. He told me that this won't happen again. He'll be coming with me every holiday from now on. I'll be back in Denver on 12/30 as I told him I won't spend a New Year's Eve without him.

I likely won't be on these boards for a while after today so wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! I do hope y'all endure the holidays and come out unscathed from skids torture.

I'll be at home with my daughter, mom and crazy Aunt Pam giving me shots of liquor at 9am because "it's the holidays and you don't have to work"...oh bring on the Advil!!!!!! Uncle Glen will be cooking his famous dishes and my jeans will be tight on the plane ride back. My daughter will get to eat at Panda Express several times while I'm there since no one will take her to Ann Arbor (which is the closest one to where she lives) just to eat there. And when I board the plane to come back to Denver, I'll cry knowing I won't get to see everyone again (except DD, which will come to Denver this spring break) for another year.

Happy Holidays everyone. I will miss talking with you all for the next 10 days!!!


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Yeah, I have to be sent off with a BANG!!! LMAO I bought DH a special "toy" he can have fun with while I'm gone. He called me the best wife ever!'s picture

Super happy for you Redwings! Lucky you, you get to escape the demon and be with your heart for the holidays. Enjoy, wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

I'm gonna be taking shots at 9am too, so I can try o be somewhat pleasant with these assholes on Christmas morning Smile

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Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time! We were just at DIA last night picking up my SD10....YAY!!! (the fun begins)

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Oh boy! That's one thing about DIA - it's a simple airport. I've traveled A LOT and it's one of the easier ones to navigate.

The last 40 minutes of my work day is gonna DRAG ass. Wish I could leave now!

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Thanks! 30 minutes left of work, grabbing a bite to eat on my way home and then some fun with the hubby, quick packing and off I go! SOOOOOOO can't wait! Smile

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Ok y'all - I'm outta here! Enjoy your holidays as best as you can and I'll try and check in on you from time to time. I'll likely be drunk posting since I'll be staying with crazy Aunt Pam! LOL

Merry Christmas everyone. I do hope you have a good one!

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Merry Christmas Red. Make sure you drink for the both of us. Lord knows I'll need it since we have both Skids all Christmas week.