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What is it with ladies, high heels, cuffed slacks and busting your asses?

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My beautiful bride caught her heel in her cuffed slacks and busted her ass on the escalator at work today. She is okay but a little scraped,bruised and sore. I spent several hours massaging her bruised and sore legs and butt this evening while trying to avoid the half dozen or so bandages on her scrapes.

But .... holy crap .... she does this about once ever three or so years. I am all for fashion and dressing stylishly but not when it hurts.

Is this something that many women experience or is my 6ft tall beautiful bride just a klutz? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem massaging her very long and sexy legs for any reason but when I have to dodge bruises and bandages it is not as much fun.

Her legs have nice sets of very thin long bruises that match those ridges on the escalator risers.



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Ouch! Poor thing!!
I for one only wear heels like once a month - Thankfully I don't have to dress up for work.

Thank goodness for you - being there to get her thru this rough recovery time!

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My condolences to your wife. You are great to take care of her, it's not "easy" out there in the business world for a woman.

I do these things to myself. I own about 30 pairs of assorted shoes and boots. All are heels or "lifts." You have to keep a little bit of class out there, it is what it is... Wink

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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Rags.... yes, I have done it. I wear heels on the regular. I have perfected the hop on one foot while jiggling the other - as soon as I feel a tug on the cuff of my pants. I have torn the hem in the cuffs of several pants. I don't have to wear the heels but they look very nice and I have to dress business at work.....She just has to learn some little trick that works for her when it gets caught up. I have also fallen, tripped, twisted an ankle - all cause of cuffs in pants. But they look really nice.... Kudos to her for looking good and feeling great at work. Kudos to you for rubbing her down while she is injured.

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Thanks ladies.

My wife now has lower legs that look like Barney the dinosaur. Very purple. I cringe when she does. I know it still hurts and that she is sore.

She also is very tall. Nearly six feet bare footed. She is a CPA and enjoys her herd of shoes and dressing in a classy professional manner. I just hope she starts adopting the running shoes to the office and out of the office and heels in the office methodology before she really injures herself.

Best regards,