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Not as bad as she has built it up to be in her mind... so far.

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With the exception of the request to speak about it from the managing partner, the firm has been remakably professional in their interface with my DW.

The other tax manager in the firm reached out to DW upon learning of DW's 2wk notice. That person was supportive, offered to give DW a strong reference, and told her that when she is ready to go back to work that she knows of  firm that pays well and does not push for more than 45hrs/wk.  DW was flored as this individual was one she expected to scream, yell, and cuss out my DW.

The managing partner called to discuss a client and was very calm and professional so DW and the MP had the talk about the transition.  Again, very professional and calm.  The MP also told DW that due to her leadership in adopting the new tax software, implementing the paperless system (that just aboutr every other firm on the planet did a couple of decades ago), and setting up all of the practices, procedures, and training for trhe firm that she would be present in the firm for a very long time.

Then.... a bit of weasel crap dropped in.  If she wants to work some key clients longer than her last day, she will continued to be paid.....

I have no doubt DW's guilt will flare up as she gets closer to her last day.  

She has tortured herself over how bad this will be that the less than horrendous reality is catching her off guard.

I refuse to utter the words.... "I told you so."

I am thrilled that her fears are not coming to bear.  

Hopefully the calm professional enterface is not a tactic to gaslight and guilt her into staying.

She is showing increasing excitement about the new firm.  Which she has not and will not mention to the STBX firm.


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I imagine it is going to be a huge sigh of relief for both of you when she starts her new job! So many toxic workplaces these days (personally I think it is because there are so many more disordered personalities).