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The kid barely survived his latest success.

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My SS had his first meeting with a recruiter today. The turd took the ASVAB and ..... missed ONE QUESTION. Three hours worth of test and he missed one f'in question. This is the kid that flunked out of Military School less than a year ago.

Wow, I was proud, pissed and ready to kill him all at the same time. The AF offered him their two best training programs, linguistics and computer programming.

On the drive back to the hotel where we have been living for the past three months I outlined to him what he was going to have to deal with when he told his mother and that he would be lucky if she did not kill him in the most painful way possible.

1. Pride and happiness.

2. Anger and attempted murder.

3. Tears, hurt and sadness.

We got the the hotel, he told her and she did 1, 2 and 3.

1. Because he really is a pretty incredible young man.

2. Because he screwed up an incredible opportunity not because he did not have the ability to perform but because he was too damned lazy to do the work and perform to his capability.

3. Because of the effort she has made to give him the best opportunities in life and not saddle him with the stigma of being born to a 16yo single mom and his refusal to take advantage of what she has worked to provide.

On the way home I ranted on his history of gaming his way to abject failure.

He spent his last semester at military school staying up all night playing WoW with his spermdonor. And yes, I broke my rule of never badmouthing the SpermIdiot in front of the Skid. I ranted for 10 minutes on how big a POS the SpermIdiot is and that if I ever see him in person I am going to smack him in the back of head when I hand him the law suit papers when I sue him for the Skids boarding school tuition.

When I got done spouting the facts of his SpermIdiots crap I apologized for my rant and for saying what I said about his Biodad. He took my hand and said "Thats Okay dad, you are right".

GOD DAMN IT I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT. I want the kid to make good decisions and rise above the polluted end of his gene pool.

I know he will, but I wish that he would apply himself and realize his potential without making it so damned hard on himself and his mom.


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I wonder what would happen if you edited the above to not refer to spermidiot in such a way and let him read it.

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Nope, he gets no benefit from JROTC. He only had a year and a half of it. If he had been at Mil School one more semester he would have gotten rank after Basic for his JROTC. He commented yesterday that he was begining to feel the consequences of his actions at Mil School.


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Rags, I'm Army not AF, but I did the language training.

I have to say, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Six to nine hours of school a day, trying to pound the vocabulary in my stubborn skull - a year and a half of frustration. Unless your boy is a natural linguist, he's going to have to work really hard. Out of the 16 who started the class with me, 4 passed the test on the first try. Two of us were what I jokingly called "the short bus crew" because we were ALWAYS on the verge of failing. Both of us voluntarily attended every single extra teaching opportunity afforded to us, even when our grades got better, and it worked.

The students are allowed computers in their rooms - does he have the self-discipline to attend to studies? Or will WoW suck him in? I might push him toward the programming if that's one of his strengths.

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He still has to talk to the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard recruiters. We are making him do extensive research before he decides which service to enlist in.

None of his usual "this one is fine" crap. He hates research but is actually pretty good at it.

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That is our most ardent hope.

I think you are right by the way.

He thrived in the structure of military school his first year because it is highly regimented and supervised. Once they reach Old Cadet status (after their first year) they are given more priveledges and freedom which allowed the SpermIdiot to weasle all night WoW sessions with the kid on the computer. One night a month or even a week would be one thing but this was nearly every night of the week until 2-3AM. The kid was a zombie, slept in class every day and did no homework because he fell asleep any time his ass hit a chair.

I just hope that with a real life job and the consequences of military justice over his head that he can stay focused and not get thrown in the brig or less than honorably discharged.

If he can keep his SpermIdiot at bay he has the chance of living an icredible and successful life. If he does'nt it will break his mom's heart, and mine.

Cross your fingers.

Best regards,

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Rags, Let me tell you what they did for my son. He graduated from high school. We wanted him to go straight to college. He wanted to join the guard and do Basic and AIT first. He has always wanted to be a military officer. Our family on both sides is nothing but highly decorated, high ranking, military. My daddy is a retired General. I know the army inside and out as a former Army Brat, then Army Wife, now Army Mom.

Anyway, my son maxed the ASVAB. You are golden if you score well. He didn't want one of the more technical MOSs (jobs). He has always wanted to be 11B...Infantry!

He went to Basic, then AIT (Advanced Individual Training). Then, volunteered to go over to Iraq for a year with his guard unit. (He was exempt from being forced to deploy because he was on the "college-first" program, but he wanted to go with his unit.) Of course he got the $30,000 signing bonus for going into a critical MOS (it was at the time, at least)'s what the Army did. His college tuition, books, fees, room and board, food, literally everything is completely paid for by the Army. He also gets about $1200 a month to play with because of drill pay, ROTC and his veteran status.

THEN...he got an ROTC scholarship. More money! He'll graduate next year as a brand new 2nd LT and his service during college gives him a pretty nice pay bump! Excellent benefits. Good pay (about $3,200 a month plus benefits) for a kid right out of college. And job security.

I guess my point is, if he is even considering the service, push it! It's a great way for these kids to grow up, earn money for college, and start a great career! And most of all, the pride of serving his Country.

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I am all over this as far as supporting the kid. I too wanted to commission and had my Congressional appointments to both The U.S. Military and Naval academies. I was also looking at the Army early commissioning program at the Military School & JC I was at for HS. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Juvenile onset (T-1) diabetes before I could commission and was medically inelligible to serve.

Our son (my SS) was on the fast track to a full ROTC scholarship at the Mil School he was at in both the early commissioning program and after he finished his AS for the completion of his BS.

But ... the SpermIdiot introduced him to WoW and ruined that opportunity by spending every night on the computer slaying SpermGrandMa faced trolls or some such crap. So, the kid is going to enlist then plans on commissioning after he completes his first enlistment and his BS.

He has met with the AF recruiter and is scheduling with the recruiters for the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. He might as well see who will give him the best deal on training, signing bonuses, etc .... He can commission in any service he wants and that will have him as a 2ndLt after his first enlistment and his degree but should go for the best deal right now I think.

We shall see if he can keep the SpermIdiot at bay long enough to complete his new plan.

Thanks for the heads up on the college first program. I will have the Skid add that to his list of questions for the recruiters.

Please give you son my thanks for his service to our country.

Best regards,