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14yrs & 12mos - Guess I have been STalking for 15yrs now.

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Just saw my account flip from 14yrs 11mos to 14yrs 12mos. That sounds like 15yrs to me.

It is hard to believe it h as been more than half my SS-30's life that I have been STalking.

Still no regrets. SS is a good man, his mom is my amazing bride, and I am a truly blessed man, husband, and father.

Live well STalkers.  It is the best way to live, and the best revenge against a toxic blended family opposition.

Unfortunately, sometimes our own mate can be the biggest point of opposition towards raising their own child(ren) with standards of behavior and performance.

Even if that is the case, we cannot abandon the standards we require of ourselves, our mate, their spawn... and our own spawn if that is part of our blended family story.

Take care.



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Thinking back, my first time on ST was in 2011! With my 2nd psycho husband and his spawn of Satan son. 

Time flies when you're having fun I guess! LOL

I have no regrets about how my life turned out- I love my husband like crazy! He is my best friend by and far. I do wish we did a lot of things differently. We would have had much more peace... But we did what we thought was right at the time. That's all any of us can do.

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18 yrs for me!  I remember posters such as Endora and characters like skid "Zippy" who would ride in his father's grocery cart and suck his thumb at age 11.

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Remember Draco and his tall SS and addiction to Nutella? He did a series on The Art of War.  I got here in 2010.   So many crazy skids thru the years.  

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Funny. But sadly pathetic.

Not that I have not had my occassional hypoglycemic "Stupid Diabetic Trick" moments.  My brother tells some classic stories about that.

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loved Draco! His post about his and SS's trip to Granny's to do repairs, cops called by a suspicious neighbour and the pair of helpers being referred to as 'The fat one and the tall one', cracked me up. Draco was a hoot; always ready to laugh at himself.

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I remember her!  And others