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The weekend part 3: Ss16 needs a boot up his butt!

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So sunday (yesterday) when the boys get ready to leave ss16 tells dh that he needs to give him some gas money so dh goes to get some money for him. I was LIVID! We get into a fight about it b/c after his behavior he doesn't deserve anything let alone being able to drive and he has a JOB! Dh gives him money anyway.

Dh goes out to give it to him but all he had was a $20 so he asked ss16 to give him $12 bucks back, ss16 said so you aren't going to give $20? Dh says no, ss16 says so what my time driving here to see his is not worth $20! :jawdrop:

Dh ripped him a new one again! He was PISSED but he still didn't take anything away! I don't get it! Dh says he can't do anyting about what happens at yuck but he sure can while he is here so why didn;t he? I don;t know but maybe it was b/c they were leaving and already packed I don;t know. But what I do know is that ss16 is way too big for his pants and needs to be knocked down quite a few notches!

So then dh calls yuck and they get into a fight again b/c she refuses to punish ss16 for what he did fri night and sat. So dh told her that if she calls him to involve him he gets a say in what happens and he wants ss16 car parked! He is their dad and he gets say in punishments especially if she calls him to involve him. If she doens;t want dh to have a say then don't call him to involve him this is getting out of hand and ss16 needs punished!

Yuck said she will punish him but refuses to say what it is. She hangs up. I told dh that means she has nothing and will do nothing! But she some how wants dh to magically make ss16 mind without punishing him! :? :?


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Yuck does! ss16 doesn't have to pay an damn thing which pisses me off! He has no sense of responsibility and then they complain about his behavior but do nothing about it. So sick of it.

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Did you read my other 2 blogs? They explain everything that happened this weekend.

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Yes I was. But Dh was not on yuck side he just wanted ss16 to call him and left him a mess to call. At that point ss16 had NO idea what side he was on. I agree that what his aunt did was over the top and I told ss16 that sun. but I also told him that she didn;t mean any harm it was supposed to funny but didn't go the way she wanted. But he had a choice in the way he reacted and that didn't mean that he could just take off when he left like it and especially not tell anyone where he was going or answer his phone.

I wasn't involved when all this happened I was at work so I couldn;t have said anything to dh about how to handle it.

He still needs to be punished for taking off and not answering his phone and guilting his mom with the 90 miles an hour crap.

The thing is that if ss16 doesn;t answer to dh then dh will assume that what his mom is saying is true and he told ss that. Ss is just being a stupid teen and needs to be rained in. It is not ok to take off and drive 90 miles an hour down the road after curfew and not let anyone know where is or answer is phone. NOT OK at all. I don;t care what happened or why he is upset or that he needs to cool off! He needs to say something before he leaves! To dangerous.

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that is pretty much dh told him but dh feels that he didn;t buy the car he didn't give the car and it happened at his moms house so yuck has to be the one to take it away and he agrees the car should be parked for about 2 weeks for this. But yuck refuses to take the car so dh told him he can't drive to his house anymore b/c if that is how he is going to drive he doesn't want the other 2 in the car with him.

I don't know I do think that dh should try to get yuck to park it for a while or at least something b/c yuck can't keep calling dh to solve her problems with ss16 but then not do what dh says. She doesn;t even come close she tells him each and every time he is wrong and she refuses to do it. that is ss16 problem he doesn;t have a parent in his mom but a friend and he just does what ever he wants. Ss16 even told me so that all yuck does is yell at him so he does what he wants when he wants he just shrugs at her and walks it his room.

i did tell him though that she is his mom and he needs to listen but that does nothing and he knows it.